Friday, 17 June 2011

An Annoucement

Yes I know I've been teasing you for ages promising at announcement, but finally it's here...
We're getting married!

Yes really - Mark promised in March 2011 while we were on holiday in the Lake District and since then it's been a rather crazy time, as after much soul searching about what we both really wanted from our wedding we decided to have a small family only do with just a few of our closest friends. JennyStitches is going to be there, she's a bridesmaid!

But the craziest thing of all?

We're getting married this year! (Yes Rachel, you can pick your jaw back up off the floor now lol!)

Thursday, 1st September 2011 is the big day!

So I'm sure you can forgive me if I'm been a little absent on here, even after I promised I was making a return to the blogging world. It's just I've been a little busy...

The photo above is the photo I took that features on our wedding invites, that's my ring! Sadly you can't really see it properly on there, but I'll share a better photo of it soon along with some of my other DIY Wedding projects!

Only 74 days to go...


Claireliz said...

Yay! Emma, congrats & happy planning.

Micayla said...

Congrats my happy for you both. I know I have already congratulated you both but I am blog hopping today and thought I would say hello. How is the prep going? xxx