Monday, 1 November 2010

Finished Objects {Hooded Things}

It's that time of year again when there's no getting away from the fact that Summer is over. Don't get me wrong I actually really love Autumn, but I can't help but be a little bit sad that Summer is over for another year.

However, a definite positive for me is that it's the perfect excuse to get knitting! I've been knitting a lot recently on various different things, I just keep forgetting to take photos when there's actually daylight. However this weekend I finally got round to taking shots of two of my latest finished objects.

First up is this fab cowl, a quick knit that is really easy in super bulky wool. Great for instant satisfaction!

I test knit this for the lovely (Dawn) aka Yarn Sellar on Ravelry, and the pattern available for you to buy here for just $2.99.

Next up, one of my favourite knits so far. A cabled hood! Seriously I am in love with this... I'm a bit funny when it comes to hats. I have a fairly large head and lots of hair so me and hats as a general rule have a bit of strained relationship. When I first saw this "Through the Woods" hood I was in love straight away. The original knitted up by the designer was in a gorgeous deep red and immediately made me think of little red riding hood. However, to go with my snowboarding jacket I knew I wanted to make mine in purple.

So I ended up with the "Little Red Riding Hood Hood That's Purple Actually"...

Seriously, I adore this. It's so cute, and will be getting a lot of use when we go to the Alps (both in a few weeks time - (yay) and next year for our proper snowboarding trip).

It's actually a fairly quick knit as it's bulky wool, and not too complicated as the only real skills you need are cabling and picking up stitches. It's actually been finished for quite a while, but I got distracted with other projects and it took me ages to get round to blocking it and sewing the buttons on. If you do decide to make it I really do recommend following the designers instructions for blocking (including the bowl!) as it made so much difference to my finished hood.

If you want to knit one for yourself you can buy the pattern here from Ravelry for just $5.00. A bargain for such a fab knit if you ask me!


yvonne said...

Both these knits are lovely and are very nicely modelled by you! You have certainly been busy with the needles' I think i may have a go at the cowl as it will keep me warm on the bike,and must just thank you for nice comments about my scary knits!

Micayla said...

OOOH super cute Emma. Do your talents ever end girl!
Hope all is well and the house is all decorated and done. I am starting to paint the back room in time for Christmas but just cannot decide on the colour.....cream and something to match a brown carpet. I am sick of buying tester pots...arrrr!!!
Have a great week.