Sunday, 8 August 2010

Sneak Peak

The sweet peas, one of the first things I planted in the garden this year, are finally coming into their own with an abundance of flowers. I love how you can dot tiny little vases of flowers all over the house.

However, as I was taking this photo I realised I was actually giving you a bit of a sneak peak of our living room. It's still far from finished. Well, actually the room is pretty much decorated but as Mark is making new furniture for it we've still got a lot of old stuff from the old house in it at the moment.

So, for now I can't share the whole room... but I can share our newly completed fireplace.

When we bought the house it looked like this.

Which, to sum it up, is not our taste at all. In any way what so ever!!! Although, if you want to be specific, neither was the awful carpet & curtains, the embossed wall paper, naff plug sockets, chipped scuffed skirting boards... ok I think you get the point? LOL!

So, as with every other room we ripped everything out. When we moved in, we lived with a hole in the chimney breast for a while as Mark was making the fireplace. But now, it's finally in.

And I love it!

The fire isn't fitted yet, Mark's mate is coming to do it at the start of the week as the gas & electric work is the only thing Mark hasn't done himself. That also answers why the stones aren't in it yet.

However I really do love the fireplace. And it makes me realise just how talented Mark is... it's made out of solid surface (a man-made stone) and looks just like marble. The photo really doesn't do it justice at all.

You can also just about see our new real oak flooring. A bit of an improvement on the minging green carpet don't you think?!?! I'm quite chuffed with myself on this as I helped Mark fit it, and even laid some of the boards myself.

As I mentioned before though, the room isn't finished. We've got a temporary TV cabinet as the one from the old house is currently in Mark's workshop being modified. We are also getting a new coffee table, storage that matches the TV cabinet for the other side of the alcove and some little tables/boxes to go at either end of the couch that can have clutter put in them (like my wool!). So... as you can tell there's still quite a few bits of furniture to make yet!

I also haven't found a wallpaper yet. I've looked at loads, but haven't found one I like enough yet. I'm thinking horizontal stripes but haven't quite found "the one" at the moment. However that may well be subject to change!


Craftybird said...

Hey, thanks for the comment: it will be sad to see shop close. And i'm going to study Italian and French.
Nice fireplace, and well done for persevering with the wallpaper stripping! It looks like it's slowly paying

Sarah said...

Fireplace looks lovely!! Huge improvement on the old one! Look forward to seeing more of your new house!

Joy said...

Dramatic change so far--and for the better! Your husband IS talented!