Sunday, 18 April 2010

Because everyone else is doing it...

I don't have an i phone. I have a HTC phone instead and so sadly the number of apps available for it are sadly lacking. Currently everyone seems to raving about the Hipstamatic App, which adds cool funky retro layers onto the photos you take.

Well, despite my best effort Mark didn't seem all to enthusiastic about downloading it for his i phone... "What's the point? You can do that in photoshop anyway?"

And you know what, he's right! We went to one of our favourite places for a walk round today, Bowland Wild Boar Park and of course I took my camera and managed to get a few snaps. So this evening, with the aid of photoshop and some fake TTV textures from Flickr the photos from this afternoon have been magically turned into cool, retro snapshots.

OK so it's not so cool, but until I can convince Mark to give me his i phone and get another on contract (I'm working on it) it'll have to do!
I know I promised a crafty post next but it was just too nice to stay inside this weekend, fingers crossed with the lighter evenings I'll be able to be back with a crafty post very soon.


Anna said...

I don't have an i phone either. My mobile's as old as the hills and doesn't even take picture ...
Love your photos - especially the goat! :)

sarah copeland said...

Emma, download poladroid onto your computer - thats what I used to create the polaroid photos (on my blog) and it's great. I printed them out and stuck them to cardboard and they look awesome :)

Micayla said...

The photos look pretty damn hot my dear. Just brought PSE7 myself and the pse7 for dummys book. Got a lot of learning ahead me thinks....if only I could figure how to add textures and actions. Any good tips or sites on how to install them, tried a few myself but im still coming up with frustrating.
Anyways, hope you are okay. So the email took me so long to do. I suck at those kind of things at the moment.

Ruthie said...

If your HTC is an android one you need to download Vignette. It's a brilliant alternative to hipstamatic and great fun when you can't be bothered lugging an SLR around.