Sunday, 18 April 2010

Because everyone else is doing it...

I don't have an i phone. I have a HTC phone instead and so sadly the number of apps available for it are sadly lacking. Currently everyone seems to raving about the Hipstamatic App, which adds cool funky retro layers onto the photos you take.

Well, despite my best effort Mark didn't seem all to enthusiastic about downloading it for his i phone... "What's the point? You can do that in photoshop anyway?"

And you know what, he's right! We went to one of our favourite places for a walk round today, Bowland Wild Boar Park and of course I took my camera and managed to get a few snaps. So this evening, with the aid of photoshop and some fake TTV textures from Flickr the photos from this afternoon have been magically turned into cool, retro snapshots.

OK so it's not so cool, but until I can convince Mark to give me his i phone and get another on contract (I'm working on it) it'll have to do!
I know I promised a crafty post next but it was just too nice to stay inside this weekend, fingers crossed with the lighter evenings I'll be able to be back with a crafty post very soon.

Thursday, 15 April 2010

The Made From {Apple/Orange/Grapefruit/Lemon/Kiwi/Pear} Pear!

I don't normally share photos for my college portfolios on my blog but I couldn't resist with this one. Probably because this afternoon when I took a step back for a moment and thought about what I was doing with my time on my day off from work it really did make me worry about myself... I was cutting up bits of fruit to make it look like other types of fruit.


Here is my made from an {apple/orange/grapefruit/lemon/kiwi/pear} pear!

I can't really take credit for this idea, you'll find lots of these types of photos knocking around on the internet but I did it as part of my log book and creative thought process for my actual portfolio photographs. I did take a lot of other photos today too, that will hopefully feature in the final portfolio but I'll wait until it's finalised before I share them.

Again, I'm producing two portfolios this year: All Creatures Great & Small (which is actually finished I just need to decide how to present it) and the other one is about fruit (and possible veg as well). The title is still a work in progress as I don't want to just call it Fruit, or Fruit & Veg as the case may be. Any suggestions anyone?

Oh and don't worry, I'll be back with a {slightly} more normal {and crafty} post soon!

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Evolution of a Knitter

You may remember that some time back I decided that I wanted to learn to knit and posted this list of things I'd love to be able to create.

Well learn to knit I did! Mostly with the help of my trusty friend youtube but also with the invaluable help of my Mum (who actually recently corrected my casting on method meaning I now never cast on too tight hurrah!).

My first real project was a scarf, but after that with the small amount of confidence I'd gained I decided to try some handwarmers. They were very very simple but I was hugely proud of them when I'd completed them and once again I had the satisfaction of actually finishing something and being able to wear them.

Spurred on with the success of my first handwarmers I decided to try again. This time I got a little bit braver and decided to try something that I loved but also scared me... cables! Once again, with the help of good old youtube I learnt to cable and made these.

Seriously, I love these so much. Again, these were relatively simple as they are essenitally just rectangles that are seamed up the side with a gap for the thumb. I always have cold hands and these have been worn a lot!

Sadly I forgot to take a photo when they were all shiny and new and this photo of was taken when they were starting to look a little bit worse for wear.

So, I decided to try something new for my latest pair of handwarmers. Knitting in the round! I've tried DPN's (double pointed needles) and hated them. I felt like I was trying to knit with a million legged spider and the final straw came when I dropped my working needle and all my stitches fell off. I gave up!

However, you can also knit in the round using circular needles (basically two normal needles with a plastic cable connecting them) and I decided to have a go using the magic loop method. So I looked it up on youtube (you can see a bit of a pattern emerging here can't you?) and had a go and finally I made something from my original knitting list... Fetchings!

I finished these today and I love them. It's the most popular pattern on Ravelry and best of all it's free!

And these were not only knit in the round (so no seaming hurrah!) but they also have little thumbs. I'm really rather proud of myself!
I'm still working away on a cardigan that is coming along nicely but I needed a quick fix project that I could actually finish for some much needed instant gratification and also to use up some of my existing stash that is all early impulse buys with no particular project in mind. Mark would be proud!!!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Happy Easter

I'll be back soon with some crafty goodness to share. In the mean time, Happy Easter to everyone whatever you're doing this weekend.

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