Saturday, 13 March 2010


I've been missing from this blog for a while now, but we've been very very busy of late. After two and a half years of renting (6 months in the flat and 2 years in this house) we decided it was high time that we bought our very own house as we've been itching to make somewhere our own.

With the markets as they are and our contract up for renewal we decided there was no time like the present. And, after thinking we'd lost this house as the first time we offered it was refused and sold to some else. However they dropped out and now it's finally ours. Well, atleast it's sold subject to contract and as we speak is in the hands of the solicitors. Hopefully we should get the keys in a few weeks time.

It needs work. A lot of work. A new kitchen, bathroom and decorated throughout. We've been spending our evenings dreaming of solid oak flooring, modern kitchens and super swish bathrooms (but don't tell Mark I'm already planning the other lovely things like curtains, cushions and wall paper!). Seriously though, I've never been so happy that Mark's a joiner. I dread to think what it would cost for most people to do up to the standard we are planning... well put it this way we certainly wouldn't be able to afford it!

And that's before the loft conversion and extension at the back, although the loft conversion is likely to be next year and the extension a year or two after that. We went back for a second viewing today and went up into the loft space and it's HUGE. We'll easily be able to convert it without the need for a dormer.

So in the mean time, please do excuse me if I'm absent from here. I will keep you updated when I can and you know what... I think this has actually inspired me to start scrapbooking again!


Anna said...

Congratulations! How wonderful! I hope it all goes through without any glitches :)

Laura said...


Good luck with everything, having lived through renovating a house I know how stressful it can be, but once you get to the adding pretty things part it is all worth it!

Claireliz said...

Congratulations Emma, let me guess the attic conversion will be a big craft room? ;)

sarah copeland said...

Argh thats so exciting for you! I LOVE planning how is room is going to be, and when you have a whole house - well, even better!

Micayla said...

Oh yay! I am seriously so happy for you both Emma. Buying a house is so exciting. A house to finally call home. Blissful, I think!
I did wonder why you have been absent, thought it maybe because of this. Cannot wait to see photos and such.
Speak soon,
Micayal xxx

Polly said...

That's great news - I'll keep my fingers crossed for you it all goes well. It's such a stressful time xxx

Rachel said...

congratulations! Good luck with everything x