Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The One About Lots of Things but Nothing Inparticular

Do you remember a little while ago I posted that SJ was having a give away during a blog party weekend on her blog and how much I'd like to win a wonderful painted wooden canvas. Well, believe it or not I won! I couldn't believe it, it's such a beautiful canvas. And finally I've got round to taking some photos of it.

At the moment it's sat in a little easel on a shelf in my craft room along with a lovely basket of wool and my little wooden man to keep it company. I haven't bothered to hang it in this house as hopefully we won't be here for all that much longer. And in the new house it will go on the wall of my new craft room along with 2 other canvases that I've done myself. Exciting times!

I've also been meaning to show you this little bag I made for a while. I found it while blog hopping and immediately new I wanted to make one with some odd charms I had left from a patchwork project I did a while ago using the lush Wonderland fabric by Moda. It's a really easy tutorial that's free and the bag is the perfect size to hold a skein of yarn while you're knitting or even to keep you little bits and pieces in on your desktop while you're scrapbooking. I love mine and you can find the tutorial here.

And so what else have I been doing? Well knitting of course! At the moment I'm attempting my first proper item of clothing, a little shrug knit seamlessly in the round.

I'm knitting it in the wonderfully soft Cashsoft Aran by Rowan in a lovely fresh green colour, perfect for spring! At the moment it looks like this, it's coming on surprisingly quickly and has just enough going on in the pattern to keep me interested but is still easy enough to do without too much thought being needed! You can find the pattern here on Ravelry if you're interested.

And have I been scrapbooking like I said I would in my previous post? Well yes I have actually, although sadly nothing to share I'm afraid as it's documenting the ups and downs of us buying our first house so is a bit too personal for on her I'm afraid. However it did feel good to scrapbook again!
On the house front I'd like to thank you for all the kind comments and well wishes from my previous post, we're both so excited it's unreal! Sadly no more real news at the moment, we are now in the hands of the solicitors, estate agents and bank so it's just a waiting game really for now (although we are waiting rather impatiently and ringing them to pester about progress every day!).
However, all this waiting is giving us a lot of time to realise the size of the project we are taking on. It may only be a relatively small house but everything needs doing. We've made a decision that the first weekend when we've got the keys we're going to rip everything out. And I mean literally everything... the entire kitchen and bathroom, the carpets, curtains, wall paper, internal doors, skirting, ceiling cladding (it has wood cladding on the ceilings in the kitchen and bathroom, don't ask!)... Seriously, everything is going in the skip.
I joked with Mark that we'll do that and then panic and wonder what we've done! We are lucky though that we're in the position to stay in rented for about 4 - 6 weeks while we get the majority of it done. But boy will it be a busy and stressful few weeks! I've just got to keep telling myself that it'll be worth it in the end!


Anonymous said...

Love your title to this post, it caught my eye, because whenever I write a blog post, I think 'right, what on earth do I call it then?!'
Good luck with the house-business, and just wanted to say love that green colour of wool! (or is it yarn - I'm an untechnical soul lol)
I feel like it was not long ago I read on your blog that you are a beginner knitter, you're doing fab then, if you're on a shrug! I'm still on legwarmers, that look unlegwarmy due to scrapbooking, bag making....ahh not enough hours in a day :S
x x x

Micayla said...

Wow that was a busy post...almost had to grab a cuppa to read it. So happy to hear that you have been scrapping, sewing and knitting. What is better than spending time doing the things you love. I hope it has kinda kept your mind off other house buying. We were really lucky with ours, offer excepted, mortgage already agreed and it only took about 8 weeks in all till we had the keys. Hoping yours will be plain sailing....but do keep at them all, it really does pay.
The bag you made is just darling....may have to go and check out that tutorial. Thanks for sharing.
Have a lovely weekend Emma. Must dash as the sewing machine is calling me.
Micayla x

Rachel said...

wow congrats on winning the canvas Sj has so really cute stuff. ANd your bag its really cute might give that try, and loving your knitting cant wait to see it finished. x