Sunday, 28 March 2010

{ Hello Spring! } Quilt... Sneak Peak

My poor old blog might be a bit neglected these days (mainly due to having no time what so ever with buying the house!) but I have been crafting. Infact the nesting urge seems to have kicked in big time at the moment and I'm full of ideas for blankets, cushions, canvases and other such homely things!

This weekend I've been sewing. Sewing my first full size quilt to be precise. After Micayla sent me the beautiful fabric I posted a while back I knew straight away I wanted to make a quilt. I dug through my stash of pretty fabrics and came up with quite a few that would go together. Cutting all the squares was quite a task as they are 4 1/2" (although made much easier because I bought a rotary cutter) and I've sewn them together with a 1/4" seam allowance. Having a 1/4" foot on my sewing machine made this really easy (thank you Mum!) and I strongly recommend anyone wanting to have a go at quilting invests in both of these.

So here's just a sneak peak as I couldn't wait to share (Pink & green woodgrain fabric - I can't get enough of this and will be making some cushions soon to match. It's by Joel Dewberry if you're interested although the Aviary range is now discontinued so if you like it and want some buy buy buy as it's selling out fast!).

The quilt top is finished and I now need to make another trip to to the fabric shop for some bias binding and a load more of the pink damask fabric for the back and I can finish it off.

However, this was really just a test quilt... to see how I got on with quilting on a large scale and I love it! I'm going to make a quilt for the living room and 2 runners to go across the bottom of our bed (one for each colour scheme - although how we can have 2 seperate colour schemes in one room is a story for another post!). I've already started collecting fabric for the living room quilt... a much more subdued affair of beige, brown and cream to keep Mark happy! That one will be far more about pattern than colour.

And as for the house, it's all coming along nicely and we're currently waiting on the solicitors. Fingers crossed we'll be setting an exchange date very soon!


Rachel said...

ooh nice colours cant wait to see it finished!

sarah copeland said...

It looks fab Emma, beautiful!

Anonymous said...

What fab colours for a quilt x

Ruthie said...

Beautiful. I really wish I could sew, unfortunately me and sewing machines are not a match made in heaven!

I look forward to seeing more of your sewing projects.

Ruthie x