Sunday, 7 February 2010

Snow... {of the French variety}

Is it really only a week since I was last posting saying we were going away? This last week has gone by unbelievably quick but we've had the most amazing time in France. We really are so lucky to have friend's who own a place out there. The challet is just outside a little ski village called Les Gets, which is part of the larger Port Du Soleil ski region. No real photos of me skiing as we only took the little camera up the mountain with us and I haven't uploaded those photos yet.

However I had great fun, my instructor was fantastic and even got me on a chair lift with relatively little fuss and I can now even do parallel turns (some of the time!). It really was a great week, it's just a shame it went by so quickly.

The weather was a mixture of gorgeous blue sky days (like the day when I took the photo of the challet above) and also when it completely dumped it down with snow. Seriously, there was so much snow... I reckon around the challet there was easily atleast 4 foot of the stuff on the ground and when I was walking down the path towards the lamp post in the photo below I was sinking to above my knees and was no where near hitting the actual ground. Madness! At a guess, I reckon we had atleast a foot of new snow while we were there if not more. But atleast it did mean I could get some seriously snowy photos like this.

However, the slight downside of the location of the challet is that although it's on a main road the drive way is a private road and is up a bit of a hill. Normally a local French man clears it with his snow plough but it's broken so there was no way our little hire car was getting up the drive. This meant leaving the car on the main road and walking to the challet...

The photos above and below are taking half way up our make shift path, with the top one looking back towards the challet and the bottom one down towards the road... yes that little car is where we had to park the car!!!

Once we'd walked it a good few times it was fine and wearing snow boots meant it wasn't an issue... although when we first arrived in trainers and dragging suitcases I can tell you it really wasn't fun!
Ok so this photo is a wee bit misleading. We didn't actually dig any paths, we just walked it in our snow boots and stomped it down as far as the snow would compact meaning there was a walkable path and then tidied it up with the snow shovell. However, I thought it'd be a great opportunity for a photo to mislead everyone into thinking I dug this path... Hhmmmm!

We also bought a fab wood photo frame out there, so decided we needed a photo to go in it... After setting up the tripod I managed to get some lovely shots of us together. Seriously, I don't know why I don't do this more often! Love the shot below, I think that's the one that'll be going in the frame.
Oh and I managed to finish my second scarf before I went so I could wear it whilst travelling and Apres Ski... Super super quick knit with a chunky yarn that literally did knit up in an hour or two. The yarn is fab, it's thick and thin with variegated colouring so it creates great texture with very little effort. Plus, I managed to buy it half price from a woman at my knit group who was destashing... bargin! However, I love this one so much I might do another one in a slightly more subdued colour that isn't quite so bright pink!

I still haven't managed to get photos of my purple hand warmers, although hopefully I will tomorrow. I've been wearing them all holiday and love them so much I've already started knitting them again in another colour!


Micayla said...

Yay, looks like you had 'snow' much fun.....sorry I could not help it!
I will post your little package next week as I have a load of Ebay stuff to send.
Hope you are okay and no missing the break too much. Have a fab weekend.

Jenny said...

Oh I've only just had chance to properly look at these pics (rather than whizz past them in jealousy, lol) ... those of you and mark are stunning! Bless you guys x x