Thursday, 18 February 2010

One Good Deed... { Thank You Micayla! }

Ok so I had other ideas for todays blog post but this definately took priority. The other things can wait until the weekend.

Some time ago a very good blogland friend of mine put out a plea for help on her blog. She had a lovely photo of her beautiful little girl but wanted to make the background disappear. Now I don't profess to be an expert on photoshop but I am probably a little better than most and I thought I'd be able to help her out so I offered and she gladly took it. Thankfully she liked what I was able to do with the photo... she had a photo she was happy with and I'd been able to practise my editing skills and felt happy that I'd done something nice to somebody else.

And that was that as far as I was concerned. I certainly never expected anything in return, however the lovely Micayla had other ideas.

I've had a rather rubbish day today, namely because of a horrible trip to the dentist but this surprise package certainly brightened my day. Micayla sent me a sneak picture of it all wrapped up before she sent it and I've been so dying to find out what's inside it ever since. So when it arrived today it certainly but a smile on my face!

Seriously, how adorable is the packaging? That fabric and lace flower is just gorgeous all on it's own! So imagine how excited I was when I opened it to find this inside...

A little stack of fat quarters! The top one was gorgeous, look at those little birds and vine print. Stunning! With one that gorgeous I couldn't wait to see what the other ones looked like.

How pretty are they? Micayla said she'd found something that was really "me" and boy was she right. I love them, I really do. And, rather spookily they totally match another fabric I've had languishing in my stash for some time.

I had intended to make a bag with this bird cage fabric by Michael Miller but never found the right pattern and it's been sitting around in my stash ever since waiting for the perfect project. Just the other day I got it out and sat it on my desk hoping inspiration would strike. And well, these fabric quarters are perfect with it and I know now exactly what I want to make, a quilt. I've been meaning to do a full quilt for a while after I did a little bit of quilting with my chair covers and now I've got the perfect fabric to start.
Seriously Micayla, you couldn't have got this gift more right! Although I do now feel like I need to edit a load more photos to justify it. Micayla, I love you so much you really are the best blogging friend. XXX


Micayla said...

I am so happy that you liked it. When you said you was sewing again, I knew my choice would be just right. I am hoping that it will go with the woodgrain material you brought too. It will make a stunning quilt and I am very excited to see it. You didn't have to get me anything in return Emma, you did your job with the photo my dear, but I must admit I am a little excited!
Hope the dentist visit was not too painful. Last time I went I almost cried when my teeth were being cleaned.....sensitive teeth and cleaning don't mix!!!
I will email too over the weekend.

Claireliz said...

Wow, Micayla is so generous, those are gorgeous.

**Leanne Marie** said...

Hey..Just Thought Id Pop By And Say You Have A Great Blog Here!!
Keep Up The Good Work Hun!!
Ive Just Started A New Blog :D
Love Leanne