Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year... New Me...

So where did the second half of December go? Seriously I have no idea. I had every intention of keeping up to date with my blog but the madness of the season really took hold and before I knew what was happening we're already in 2010.

I got some truely wonderful Christmas presents which included a new camera bag, an external flash, a year long subscription to Practical Photography magazine, Skull Candy headphones (yes my very own pink ones so I no longer have to steal Mark's!) and loads of other wonderful things.

So what have I been doing? Well mostly learning to knit! My Mum gave me some vintage knitting supplies that belonged to my Nanna and my Great Grandma (as well as allowing me to liberate many of hers!). I think the most beautiful is this stunning vintage stitch counter that belonged to my Nanna... it's so pretty.

And yes I have also been knitting... not just taking pretty photos of knitting things! My first completed item was this chunky ribbed scarf, wonderfully simple and quick to knit. A win win situation!

And next, some (very simple) hand warmers. Got to love these (especially in all the cold weather we've been having) and again, very quick to knit up. Even for a super slow knitter like me each one only took a couple of hours.

Well, hopefully it won't be so long before my next post and I'll be back with more yummy knitted goodness to share soon (and who knows, maybe even some scrapbooking!).


Anna said...

Loving those hand warmers Emma :)

Happy New Year!

Jenny said...

Yayyy! The handwarmers are lush! Must have a go!! I'm super proud of your knittyness, the vintage kit looks awesome too, sigh x x x

Claireliz said...

Happy New Year Hun!
I'm knitting too - also very slowly.
Loving those hand warmers, where did you get the pattern? I was thinking last night I'd like a pair in fuschia pink.

sarah copeland said...

argh i so want to try knitting (and sewing and crochet) - how did you learn? Did someone teach you?

Micayla said...

Yay, so glad to see you back. December got a little hetic for me too and Jan...........well don't even get me started. Big stuff is going down and I am a little{okay a lot}excited but totally bogged down so if your little pressie is a little late please forgive me. It will get to you.
PS Loving the knitting going on, I tried crocheting but gave up! Back to sewing me thinks.