Sunday, 31 January 2010

Booked It, Packed It...

...and those of you who also like Peter Kay have no need for me to finish that sentence do you?

We're off to the challet again (photo below is from the last time we went) and I can't wait!

Very shortly we'll be heading off to the Alps for a week of skiing (or in Mark's case snowboarding!). I'm way more excited than I was last time... I've been having lessons at Manchester's Chill Factor E to teach me to ski as despite my best efforts I really don't like snowboarding. {Sigh}

However I really do have to say a massive thank you to my instructor Matt who got me to the top of the main slope... and an even bigger thank you for convincing me to go back up to the top again after my first run down it! But seriously, I am really looking forward to it and I'm so glad I've learnt the basics in this country so I can really make the most of my lessons over there.

So I guess that explains the lack of posts on here, there just haven't been enough hours in the day and my days off have been spent skiing! I have been knitting though and have several new finished objects to show off but that'll have to wait until we get back... however I should manage to atleast get some decents photographs of them while I'm over there!

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Stitch & Bitch

So I'm still knitting. I really am enjoying it as well, it's so easy to just pick up and do a bit whenever you've got chance. And I'm loving making things I can wear. So much fun!

I also went to my local Stitch & Bitch group with Jenny which was good fun, like a crop but instead it's in a Starbucks and you sit and knit and drink coffee! Can't wait to go back this week. So what have I been knitting?

Well a Pirate Headband for one thing. It wasn't supposed to be a Pirate Headband. It was meant to be a normal headband, but it wasn't until I'd finished it and put it on did I realise that it actually made me look like a pirate. {Sigh}

But never mind! It'll still keep my ears warm in France next month!

Oh and George decided to get in on the action whilst taking photos of it, silly cat!

I am also finished a neck warmer that was my first attempt at cabling, which is nowhere near as hard as I though it would be! I'm realy chuffed with this actually.
I found that pattern for the neckwarmer from Rachel's projects on Ravelry, which is a great website with thousands of free patterns (all of my patterns so far have come from there!) and you can check out what your friends are up to and see what lovely things they are knitting too. My username on there is EmmaWoo, if you're on Ravelry too let me know!

Monday, 4 January 2010

New Year... New Me...

So where did the second half of December go? Seriously I have no idea. I had every intention of keeping up to date with my blog but the madness of the season really took hold and before I knew what was happening we're already in 2010.

I got some truely wonderful Christmas presents which included a new camera bag, an external flash, a year long subscription to Practical Photography magazine, Skull Candy headphones (yes my very own pink ones so I no longer have to steal Mark's!) and loads of other wonderful things.

So what have I been doing? Well mostly learning to knit! My Mum gave me some vintage knitting supplies that belonged to my Nanna and my Great Grandma (as well as allowing me to liberate many of hers!). I think the most beautiful is this stunning vintage stitch counter that belonged to my Nanna... it's so pretty.

And yes I have also been knitting... not just taking pretty photos of knitting things! My first completed item was this chunky ribbed scarf, wonderfully simple and quick to knit. A win win situation!

And next, some (very simple) hand warmers. Got to love these (especially in all the cold weather we've been having) and again, very quick to knit up. Even for a super slow knitter like me each one only took a couple of hours.

Well, hopefully it won't be so long before my next post and I'll be back with more yummy knitted goodness to share soon (and who knows, maybe even some scrapbooking!).