Wednesday, 9 December 2009

JYC Days 3, 4 & 5

Ok so I'm a little behind. But it's fine (I'm still embracing the no stress approach). I'm on a day off tomorrow and will play catch up infront of a good film. Or atleast that's the plan.

But anyway, here's 3 more pages for my journal!

Day 3 was a change from the prompt as I don't do hand made cards and a visit from my crafty friend Jenny made the perfect "December Daily" style entry about knitting.

Day 4 was all about perfection, which to me is a beautiful home filled with beautiful decorations and spending time with my loved ones. Bliss. But I do have to confess that's a photo from last year as I still haven't got the tree up this year...

And finally the counting down entry that features the photo of George. I love this photo of him and I love the birdies on this page... Yes George would no doubt be over the moon if he had a birdie waiting behind each door of his calender rather than milk and cat nip drops!

So that's about it for today. I'm off to watch True Blood now and then to bed as I've got another private ski lesson tomorrow. Eeekkk!


Micayla said...

yay, so glad to see some more pages...I love them. I am a little behind, still need to do page 3,4,9 and today's but I have just ordered photos so will do a bit scrap-a-catch-up on Saturday if they arrive.
Have you got your tree up yet, we brought ours today and will decorate it tomorrow....I am all excited now!

sarahp said...

Hey we have something in common we breed siamese cats we have 2 lilac points and a british shorthaired. We have a new litter due on the 22nd so we are waiting anxiously for our new arrivals. Check out our site it is or its linked from my blog. xx your guy is very cute what a sweetie pie.

yvonne said...

you are doing well with JYC and knitting too , have been enjoying seeing them all! looking forward to spending some time over christmas with you both.