Monday, 7 December 2009

How cute?

Ok so I had every intention of trying to blog every day in December. I failed. How does it work that when I have more time at the weekend I seem to end up with less time to do what I want to do? No I can't work it out either. Maybe it's working in a retail environment (ok so in HR but in HR for a HUGE retail company) that is meaning my christmas spirit is rather lacking this year. Christmas is not fun, it's bloody hard work!

But I am trying to get in the Christmas spirit regardless. I've still yet to put up the decorations (despite intending to on Sunday but I just wasn't in the mood). Hopefully when I get round to it sometime this week I'll feel slightly more festive.

However I am still keeping up with JYC, it's just lack of daylight and working long hours have prevented me from photographing them. I'll make an effort tomorrow. The release of Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince on DVD scuppered any plans I had for tonight I'm afraid! Ok so that is one benefit of working in a supermarket... super cheap new release offer + staff discount = mega cheap!

However, on the subject of JYC I'll leave you with this super cute photo. One of the recent prompts was about counting down and this year I'm afraid to admit I don't have an advent calender. However George does! Somehow in the madness I bought him one but not me or Mark. So cue Mark (well his hands at least!) and George patiently (or should I say not so patiently waiting) for his daily treat.

Ok so now I'm off for a little knitting before bed. Whilst wearing Mark's Skull Candy headphones. Ssshhhhh don't tell him. They're mine now! And if you haven't seen Skull Candy headphones before check them out here. They are mega cool, so many funky designs. We've got the wireless ones meaning I can dance round the house like a loonatic with them on. Maybe not so cool then... Haha!


Micayla said...

I love 'cool' dancing around the house......I can get away with it now I have Emily.....I am playing honest!!!
Cute pic of George, lucky cat....mine are lucky if they get fed nowadays poor things.{I do feed them though so no need to report me to the RSPCA} However I am shocked you and Mark don't have one, how could you forget!
Glad to hear you are keepng up and hear hear about the lack of daylight. Winter just is not good for photographers! I am keeping up too, plan to get down and scrappy tonight while watching Kirstie's Homemade Christmas.....hooray!!
Must dash, soup is on and it will burn if I don't get my butt of this chair.....move now!
Love Micayla xx
PS Get your tree up, it will make you feel all warm and Christmassy.

Jenny said...

Tree tree tree!! Gorgeous pic, got to admit I have a soft spot for George after his cuddles last week, like you say, floosie! Looking forward to seeing your JYC stuff... fancy another knitty night soon? Take care x x