Wednesday, 9 December 2009

JYC Days 3, 4 & 5

Ok so I'm a little behind. But it's fine (I'm still embracing the no stress approach). I'm on a day off tomorrow and will play catch up infront of a good film. Or atleast that's the plan.

But anyway, here's 3 more pages for my journal!

Day 3 was a change from the prompt as I don't do hand made cards and a visit from my crafty friend Jenny made the perfect "December Daily" style entry about knitting.

Day 4 was all about perfection, which to me is a beautiful home filled with beautiful decorations and spending time with my loved ones. Bliss. But I do have to confess that's a photo from last year as I still haven't got the tree up this year...

And finally the counting down entry that features the photo of George. I love this photo of him and I love the birdies on this page... Yes George would no doubt be over the moon if he had a birdie waiting behind each door of his calender rather than milk and cat nip drops!

So that's about it for today. I'm off to watch True Blood now and then to bed as I've got another private ski lesson tomorrow. Eeekkk!

Monday, 7 December 2009

How cute?

Ok so I had every intention of trying to blog every day in December. I failed. How does it work that when I have more time at the weekend I seem to end up with less time to do what I want to do? No I can't work it out either. Maybe it's working in a retail environment (ok so in HR but in HR for a HUGE retail company) that is meaning my christmas spirit is rather lacking this year. Christmas is not fun, it's bloody hard work!

But I am trying to get in the Christmas spirit regardless. I've still yet to put up the decorations (despite intending to on Sunday but I just wasn't in the mood). Hopefully when I get round to it sometime this week I'll feel slightly more festive.

However I am still keeping up with JYC, it's just lack of daylight and working long hours have prevented me from photographing them. I'll make an effort tomorrow. The release of Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince on DVD scuppered any plans I had for tonight I'm afraid! Ok so that is one benefit of working in a supermarket... super cheap new release offer + staff discount = mega cheap!

However, on the subject of JYC I'll leave you with this super cute photo. One of the recent prompts was about counting down and this year I'm afraid to admit I don't have an advent calender. However George does! Somehow in the madness I bought him one but not me or Mark. So cue Mark (well his hands at least!) and George patiently (or should I say not so patiently waiting) for his daily treat.

Ok so now I'm off for a little knitting before bed. Whilst wearing Mark's Skull Candy headphones. Ssshhhhh don't tell him. They're mine now! And if you haven't seen Skull Candy headphones before check them out here. They are mega cool, so many funky designs. We've got the wireless ones meaning I can dance round the house like a loonatic with them on. Maybe not so cool then... Haha!

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Knitting The Night Away

Just a quick post today. Have spent the evening making a start on my second knitting project (and first proper one). It's a scarf, for my holiday to the Alps at the start of next year. And I love it, I really do. So simple but I'm happy. Big wool + Big Needles = Instant Gratification.

Jenny came round and we quite happily spent a few hours knitting, drinking tea (or in my case coffee) and have a general knatter. Or "Stitch & Bitch" for want of a better phrase. Her knitting is amazing, seriously she's so talented. I can't even big to comprehend how she is doing her current christmas stockings. Check out her blog if you have a minute, you won't be disappointed.

Todays prompt for JYC is about cards. I don't do cards. I can't make cards even if I wanted to, they just don't work for me. So yes, I am a crafter and buy my cards. All of them. Really I do. Even the special ones... Believe me they get a much nicer card when it's bought! So I'm not worrying about it and today my journal entry will be a la Ali Edwards and a December Daily entry about knitting. It's a stress free project remember?

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

JYC and Fake TTV!

Yeah alright, enough with all the acronyms! But hey, I know what they mean and I'm sure most of you do as well.

So I managed to take the photo this morning that I needed for the first prompt. Christmas decorations hanging on a bare branch outside. Totally inspired by this photo from Shimelle.

Anyway, when I'd taken it it still needed a little work to be what I imagined in my head. So after tweaking it in photoshop to "age" it and adding a fake TTV overlay I was happy and had the image I'd imagined in my head. For those of you who don't know TTV stands for Through The Viewfinder and is a technique done by taking a photograph using a digital camera through the view finder of a much older camera. But you can also recreate it using photoshop, there's loads of free layers about. I like searching on Flickr where lots of people upload shots taken of blank pieces of paper using their old cameras. The one I've used is here.

So I for my first page of the journal I wrote about what I want from this journal. Very similar to the standard one given by Shimelle but I've tweaked it slightly to include some stuff about photography.

And so the second prompts leads us to take about the weather. I captured this shot at sunrise hanging out of my bedroom window! I love winter and how easy it is to get excellent sunrise and sunset photos, the abundance of clouds at this time of year certainly help!

The second page in my journal talks about how I like cold dry weather but in this country it's more likely to be cold and wet which I hate. And of course about how I love the beautiful sunrises and sunsets at this time of the year.

This year I've decided to do my numbers different everyday. Some will be pretty similar, and I've made quite a few already but I'm loving mixing the styles up. Stops me getting bored anyway!
Tonight I'm going to try and do the cover to my album and maybe even make a start on my new knitting project. Hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with pictures to share.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

And so commences JYC 2009... {plus knitting and eye candy}

How did 6 weeks go by without a blog post? How are we in December? I have no idea what happened to this year. I really don't. It's hard to get my head round the fact that it's December, as some HUGE changes in my life are due to begin in the new year which is both so scary and so exciting that I can't quite begin to get my head round it.

However, for now it's December and that can only mean 1 thing... Journal Your Christmas 2009. I've nothing to share yet, some pictures tomorrow though. I've done my first page but I need a photograph to complete it. I know what I want to take but I need to get outside to do it and as I only decided this after it had gone dark it'll just have to wait until tomorrow.

I'm not really stressing too much about it this year. Some pages will be fancy than others. Some will have no journalling. Some will have lots. But what every page will have is a photograph, photography is a huge part of my life and in my opinion it's the perfect way to document the season for my journal.

So what else have I been doing in my extended absence from blogland? Well I went to see this. And yes it was as good as I hoped. And yes I'm still into Robert Pattinson / Edward Cullen... I know it's a bit unhealthy but I can't help it! Haha, if only Mark was a vampire!

In other news, I've finally learnt to knit. Like I actually really needed a new hobby (or a new type of stash to buy!) but I love it. I recently purchases these beautiful yarns in the yummiest of colours to turn into something for my rapidly approaching ski holiday to the French Alps.

However, before I make a start on those I need to finish my first project... a very simple scarf. The perfect beginner project for me to build my confidence. It's nearly finished and I love it!

So surely going to watch New Moon and knitting can't have kept me busy all this time? Well no, photography is to blame as well. It's been taking over my free time of late, but I knew this would happen. College is a lot more intense this year but I love it, I really do. However, I will do my best to keep up to date with blogging my JYC entries... I hope!