Thursday, 3 September 2009

Day 3 - Winter's On The Way

So the lesson learnt from today?

Layers, fluffy socks and turning the heating on for the first time all are real signs that winter is definately on the way.

No really it is. There's no denying it now as over the last few days the weather has really changed. I woke up this morning to rain and wind which continued all morning, well actually the wind has carried on all day and it's rained to a greater and lesser degree all day.

Not only that, but it's colder. When I got out of bed I was cold which hasn't happened for ages. And as it was my day off today that meant I wrapped myself up warm with lots of layers, the central heating went on for the first time and out came my thick fluffy socks. I'm dreading another winter in the office though. It's nice and cool in summer which is nice but it's quite literally freezing in the winter... And I'm a cold person anyway so it'll mean t shirts underneath my blouse and my fleece on constantly. But saying that we're getting the new uniform soon so fingers crossed it's warmer than the old one!

I have scrapped yesterdays photo of the shopping too, but as it's dark now I can't get a decent photo of it so I'll take one tomorrow. Seriously, I need a camera with better ISO sensitivity (especially when I can't be bothered running the photo through a noise reducing program). If I had to give one flaw for the 450D it would be the noise issue at ISO 1600... But then again if that means I've actually got more of a reason to upgrade to a 5D is that really such a bad thing!


Gez said...

Great photo! mmm toasty toes. :-)

You're right the weather has been awful today. Another Lancashire lass here! We had planned to go to Blackpool on the train but thought better of it.

Good luck with the class.xx

Polly said...

Brillint picture - makes me want to get my chestnut roasting pan out.

Really like your lesson from yesterday too - think you're right, that sort of this will be useful in future when shopping will probably cost a whole lot more and you can look back on the good old days!

Lou said...

Hi Emma

Thanks for the comments on my blog! I know what you mean, yesterday was the first day of the year where I just couldn't get warm. Was dreaming about my thermals all day!

Love the picture!

Mary said...

Noooo you can't put the heating on yet!?! Love your photo.....looks really cosy.

Jenny said...

Mmmm, looks really toasty! I'm thinking about my winter wardrobe, it's not good, it's only the beginning of september! x x x