Thursday, 3 September 2009

Day 2 - Not Every Day is Extraordinary

I had every intention of posting this yesterday but well, I was that tired watching tv and then bed was a far more appealing option!

So first things first here's the finished page with the photo from the 1st. Tried to keep it quick and simple as that's the only way I'll see this project through to the end.

And then what did I learn yesterday? Well that not every day is extraordinary, sometimes it's all about the everyday. Afterall, that's why it's called the "everyday" is it not? My day yesterday went something like this... Work, Shop, Eat, Scrap, Sleep. Nothing particularly exciting or interesting so I took a little bit of a closer look at the everyday and what I could learn from that.

And you know what got me thinking, the cost of living. A very current subject so I think it'll be interesting to look back at what things cost at this moment as the weekly shopping bill seems to just keep going up. There's only two of us but seriously it keeps getting more and more. Ok so we don't exactly try and cut costs but neither do we buy a lot of luxury items. And yes I do find it highly amusing that the only thing you can really make out in this shot are 2 Old El Paso kits!!! We do normally eat healthy I promise and the rest of the shop was much better...

Anyway I intend to scrap the receipt along with this photo as I was of recording the sort of things we are buying at the moment and how much they cost. Ok so not the most exciting of pages but I do think it'll be interesting in the future!


Marie said...

Great lesson for today (or is it tomorrow?? I'm still confused!). Our food bill is astronmical for the four of us (despite the fact that I do menu planning for the week and only buy what's on our list!).

I totally love how you've done the days doodled on your pages, it catches my eye very time I see it. Nice touch.


Jenny said...

I know what you mean, I used to budget for a week for the housekeeping and now it's just shot way past that, being alive is an expensive business!

Lovely page though, and that clock face is rather lovely.

Mmmm fajitas... x x x