Sunday, 6 September 2009

Catching Up

Didn't get time to blog last night so time to play catch up today. Infact if I'm honest I didn't scrap my page either, but as it was Sunday today I did the pages for both Friday and Saturday this morning.

So what have I been learning? (That also happens to be the reason why I didn't blog or scrap!)

That Saturday night is Pizza night!

Ok so I totally stole that phrase from Jenny's facebook status on Friday but I'm sure she won't mind.
And so onto the pages. Friday's came together easily and I really like this. Not that it was anything to do with the subject matter but I tried to keep with the colour tone in the photo and I do like it - and I stuck to the basket so yay for the basket once more!

Not so keen on the page from Saturday though. it's missing something and in my mind just doesn't work quite so well. But anyway, it's done and in the album so I won't stress about it.

And finally what have I learnt today. Well in complete contrast to Saturday night I have learnt...
That everything always tastes better when you've grown it yourself.

Yummy spring onions from our veg plot that I pulled up to go in a chicken and vegetable stir fry that I made for tea. A bit of a change to the junk food we had for tea on Saturday!
We've loved growing our own veg this year, it's been the first time we've tried it and we've certainly lived and learnt by our mistakes. The peppers (both chill and sweet) are doing well on the window sill in my craft room and are in various stages of ripeness (we've had some of the sweet peppers already and the chill peppers are just starting to ripen).
The tomatoes are amazing, so sweet and juicy and much much better than those bought in the shops. They've done really well and we've got loads on them. Oh and the lettuce is fine as well, onto are third crop now and I must say I'll be rather upset when I can't just walk outside and pick a few leaves as and when I want them. I love mixed salad leaves so I'm wondering if I'll be able to grow them all year round on the window sill. Has anyone tried this?


Anonymous said...

Yuuuum! Your veggies sound divine.. and your pizza photo is mouth watering.

Jenny said...

Haha! love the pizza shot... Looks yum :-) x x

Polly said...

I can't remember if I said before, but I absolutely adore the hand drawn boarders on your pages - it ties them all together so nicely.

I can totally relate about the vegetables - home grown carrots are out of this world compared to the ones from Sainsburys. I grew pink ones this year!

Micayla said...

Catching up.....should be the title of my life at the mo! The LSNED is really coming on, I am loving the simple yet stunning smaller size. Cannot wait to see the next lot of layouts.
I am so with you on the veg growing, we have made mistakes and next year hopefully we wont make them again. I have really enjoyed growing my own and with a bit of luck as Emily will be older next year I will have more time to tend and nurture my garden.
Sorry for not commenting for a while, Emily is teething and time and sleep are something of a distant memory for us at the moment. I hope to get back on track real soon but I dont forget about my lovely friends.
Have a lovely weekend Emma.

Mole said...

My mouth is watery with all that talk of home grown veg! Love the pizza pic ....