Monday, 31 August 2009

Normal Service has Resumed

Once again there has been a rather unintentional extended pause in my blogging and general online activities but life got in the way. Namely the fact that he fell off his mountain bike, dislocated bones in the back of his right hand and had to have them wired back together... not nice at all.

So for those of you waiting to here from me and I haven't got back to you recently I'm sorry but as you can imagine things got a little crazy round here. However, he's on the mend and things are returning to normal so I can get back into the swing of things again.

Speaking of which, Learn Something New Every Day starts tomorrow. And I'm all set to go. The biggest thing I've learnt so far is it pays to be organised. And I am. I think the best thing I ever did was to buy some baskets that I could organise supplies for different projects in at any one time. I have three nice magazine baskets that sit in a row on my desk and can just be lifted up and taken into the front room or wherever I feel like crafting. I'm lucky enough to have a huge desk and so can do this but I really do recommend the "basket" technique.

So what have I got in my basket? Well the basic tools of trimmer and scissors and then so pretty punches and stamps too. You can't really see it but the other week I treated myself to a huge bingo stamp and it's amazing. Woodbacked stamps are big in my world right now. I love them!

And then there's the other pretties. A selection of mainly Hambly patterned papers and overlays, dotted swiss and kraft card stock goodness with some vintage book paper and sheet music too. Mini thickers, tiny alphas, ribbons, prima leaves and an assortment of other little embellishments.

And do you know what the point is now? If it isn't in the basket it's not being used. Well, the only exception is my buttons (which are kept in a HUGE glass jar and embroidery thread). Simple really, there's more than enough to create the whole album in there and it's makes it so much quicker. I'm aiming to spend no more (hopefully less) than 30 minutes per night on this as if I'm honest I tend to spend longer than that watching TV or on the internet so it's hardly an impossible task! Oh and hopefully daily blogging too!

In other news I passed my City & Guilds Level 2 in Digital Image Capture with flying colours and have enrolled on the Level 3 which starts next week. So exciting!


Polly said...

Congratulations on passing your City and Guilds qualification.

I'm doing LSNED too and can't wait for tomorrow morning which is almost never true at the end of a bank holiday weekend. Great advice on the getting everything sorted out in advance - I did this on Friday night and couldn't believe how easy it was to put my cover together in front of the telly.

Really looking forward to seeing your LSNED pages - catch you in class!

ScrapMates Enfield said...

Well done on passing your City & Guilds, hope your man's hand is on the mend too - sounded nasty!

Looking forward to seeing your LSNED pages! Tomorrow should be fun!

Jenny said...

Congratulations on passing my dear!! I am so pleased for you, very well deserved.

Love your baskets, sigh, it makes me want to have a rummage around in there!

I may pop over to see you soon... after all it is a special month this month is it not??? :-P

x x x

Gail said...

I may well try your basket idea, having bought a cut price fold-up craft table recently with the idea of doing some light evening scrapping in front of the TV. I only used it once because I had to keep going in and out to the lean-to collect more bits and pieces.

mandijane said...

Hello are you?
wooooooooohoooooo on the city and guildsxxxxx

Marie said...

Congrats on passing the C&G. I couldn't agree more on the organising, although my giant ziplock baggy isn't anywhere near as nice as your basket, maybe I need to invest? Hmmmmmm ;)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on passing your C&G level 2! I've just done my Level 1 and decided against doing the level 2 this year (too much work?!).. maybe next year!

Love your photos and your LOs for LSNED - and well done on keeping up with both the LOs and the blogging!