Thursday, 16 July 2009

Sick Day Scrapping

Would you believe it... I've got swine flu!!! Well, according to the doctor I spoke to on the phone I have as they are no longer doing swab tests. I don't feel like I've got proper flu. More like a bad cold but he said that was quite common and many people are only experiencing mild symptoms.

So I've been given tamiflu and have atleast 5 days off work (confined to the house as I'm not allowed in contact with anyone) until I've finished the tamiflu.

I'm feeling lousy, but yesterday managed to do a LO with the new ScrapAGoGo kit that arrived. Bless my Dad, he delivered it to my house along with the tamiflu that he had to go and pick up for me. Mind you it did take me all day to do. I kept doing a little bit and then going for a lie down I'm that tired.

This LO is something of a scraplift. Well, perhaps scraplift is the wrong word. It's been inspired by the style of my dear friend Annadomini. Infact there's also several bits and bobs on there that she's sent me - the clip, journalling spot and the coloured scalloped circle all arrived in amongst the most delightful packages she's so good at putting together.

The plan for today is not very much. I'm hoping to catch up on a few pages for my ongoing garden journal but I seem to have been robbed of all energy. My arms and legs feel like they've got lead weights attached.


Biskit said...

Hope you start to feel better soon. Lovely LO.

Sheena said...

sorry to hear your not well
we must chat soon

CoventryAnn said...

Me too, i only managed to get back to the computer today after 3 days away from the screen, both me and OH :(
Getting over it now though. get well soon!

Julie said...

Hey you - you look after yourself :)

Just goes to prove you can't keep a good scrapper down. Lovely LO.


Jenny said...

Gorgeous layout, particularly loving the way the mannekin is holding it!!! I WANT MY KIT! Haha. I really do hope you get better soon, but there is a silver lining, 5 days off work aint bad! (you've really got to hate work to feel like that haven't you?) I guess this will serve us right for joking about the swine flu a couple of months ago!!! Rest up and get chilled out :-) or we'll have to barbeque you along with George x x

Anna said...

Sorry to hear you're not well. Hope you feel better really soon.

Lovely LO ... and thanks for the compliment! I'm very flattered :)

yvonne said...

hi emma thats a lovely layout sets off the dragonfly so well! Its a chaser dragonfly i've since found out. It was a good day out. c u soon and hope soon feelin better.