Friday, 17 July 2009

Sew Lovely

First of all let me say a big thank you for all the well wishes on my previous post. I'm still feeling lousy but atleast I don't feel any worse!

After much umming and ahhing I finally picked a fabric range to quilt with for real. And what did I choose? Well I fell in love with the stunning Wonderland by Moda designer MoMo. This beautiful range of fabric is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and is just beautiful beyond belief... And just how cute are those scissor prints? So perfect for creating something for my craft room.

Not only that but Moda do all of their fabric ranges in several precut options. When I started to look into it, the cost of a decent rotery cutter and a large quilters rule was about £40 and I just didn't want to spend that to start with... especially when you can buy them pre cut in either Layer Cakes (10" squares), Jelly Rolls (2.5" x 40" strips) or Charm Packs (5" squares).

Well as this is my first project I went for a small charm pack and it was a bargain. Only £8! It took a while to find a UK seller (I was beginning to think I'd have to get it from America) but in the end I found one and it arrived today. Sadly I'm too ill to do anything with it apart from stroke it lovingly but hopefully I'll be feeling up to doing something with it soon. So in the mean time here's what it can look like when it's all put together... I love the mixed up style of colours and patterns with this fabric range. It looks so pretty as a quilt.

And this beautiful quilt is for sale on Etsy from the seller Amy Smart if you feel the need to buy it! In the mean time, I'm off to try and finalise exactly what I'm going to make with this beautiful fabric. I have an idea in my head so I think I'll lay the fabric out and see how it looks.


Jenny said...

OMG it's gorgeous!! It's even got butterflies on!! Can't wait to see what you make :-) I'll be putting in orders for Xmas haha. Glad you're feelin relatively ok, we need 2 catch up just as soon as you feel a bit brighter x x x

Jenny said...

Blog award alert (over at mine!)

scrappyfairy said...

AWESOME I am soooooo loving it too, I cannot wait to get mine - what a funny coincidence that we are both starting to learn to quilt, and chose this range of fabric! but also lovely!!