Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Scrapbooking, Sewing and Gardening... Oh My!

Bit of a catch up post really with what I've been up to. But first of all a Swine Flu update. I finished my Tamiflu a few days ago but still wasn't feeling right so after speaking to the doctor who wanted me to come in so they could listen to my chest. As it turns out I've now got a chest infection and the doctor says it's hard to tell whether I've had one all along or the Swine Flu caused it as the symptoms for both are very similar.

Anyway, I was feeling a bit better last night so we went to Asda for a food shop. Big mistake, by the end of walking round (and I wasn't even pushing the trolley!) I was so knackered and short of breath it was untrue. Clearly I'm not better yet. But hopefully now I'm on anti biotics I'll be fine again soon but in the mean time all this enforced R&R is giving me the perfect chance to catch up on some long over due craftyness.

I love this photo of Jenny & James driving off from the church in the wedding car. Not your typical wedding photo but I really like it so I decided to scrap it to go in the "day trip" album (aka the adventures one featured in SI). I try and scrap atleast 1 LO from our daytrips and I love looking through the album. It's a great way of remembering all those trips out.

It's mostly been made with stash I bought from the fab local craft shop Crafty Hearts. If you're anywhere near definately check it out, you're guarentied a warm welcome and they have the most gorgeous stash. The Jenny Bowlin and Anna Griffin PP and the Thickers on this LO all came from there. The clear fabric circle is actual from the favours boxes from the wedding and the little white scalloped circle just under the photo is actually a drinks mat I stole from the hotel bar at the wedding!

I love this photo of me and Jenny (again taken at the wedding - Jenny doesn't wear a wedding dress in everyday life honest!) and when we saw it we both agree it needed scrapping. And this is my attempt. Made using the June ScrapAGoGo kit mostly, with other bits thrown in for good measure like the Jenny Bowlin Ticket and journalling card from Every Jot and Title at Etsy. Love that big embossed dot cardstock from Bazzill, it's nearly as good as dotted swiss!

And finally a bit of a self motivating LO for me made with lots of different bits and bobs from my stash. There's several things I want to achieve in my life at the moment and I am taking big steps right now towards achieving them and hopefully it won't be too long before the dreams become a reality. I made this to remind me that even when it feels like it's never going to happen that if I stay positive it will happen. Mark's a constant reminder to what you can achieve if you put your mind to it and I know if I work hard enough it'll happen! There's some hidden journalling on the tab before the photo of exactly what I do want to achieve and I think I'm going to leave this one out in my craft (maybe even mount it on a canvas for the wall) to keep me motivated.
And another sneak peak of the on going patchwork sewing project... I've made one but there's another one to go. Can you guess what it is yet?
A couple of people have asked where I got the fabric from. I bought it from a fab internet shop (although they also have a real shop) called Cross Patch. They don't actually have an online shop, but if you send an order request to them they send you a paypal invoice. Great service and super quick delivery too!

And finally a bit of an update from the garden. The lettuce crop is in full swing now and it's great to be able to have fresh lettuce whenever you want it. I just need to remember to keep resowing to make sure we have a constant supply. The other plants are doing well, the beetroot are well on the way and there's lots of green tomatoes appearing on the plants.
Well that was a huge update from me, hopefully I'll be back soon with the finished sewing project and some garden journal pages!


danemi1 said...

sorry you are not well hun - some fantastic layouts there - it hasnt affected your crafting which is good to see - take care and get well soon


Carmen said...

I really enjoyed this post (obviously not the bit about you still being poorly *g*) Some fabulous lo's and I had to enlarge the first one to take in all the detail you mentioned. I can't believe you did all this while being ill. I'm useless when poorly and like a grumpy grizzly bear so am better off hibernating in my room till it's all over.

Angie said...

What a great post ...bits of everything. Your veggies look great and that photo of the (cabbage white??) butterfly is amazing. I am intregued by the patch work and adore the LO with the car ...although they are all good.
Hope you are feeling better soon ...we have had a ?swine flu in the house too.

Jenny said...

Fabulous post hun, however you are scrapping my wedding pictures faster than I am! LOL, seriously though the layouts are beautiful :-) Garden is looking amazing and I am guessing seat covers right? I hope to perch my bum on one of those soon for a mini crop! Love the dreams layout, it seems your scrappy mojo has well and truly returned. Good for you! x x

Mole said...

I do like your LO style - very classy. Esppecially the wedding car one. I like pix that are a bit different, but still tell a great story! Hope you feel better soon!

Julia Dunnit said...

Cor you have been struck by something nasty, poor you. Hope you feel better everyday.
Love your LOs, just love, esp. the Mr and Mrs, and the casual way you added orange paint to the Bazzill...inspirational!

katharine said...

i love your lo's they are truly amazing and sooo inspirational, i love photo of the wedding car, and the story behind it, great lo. i also love the material you have chosen, i have literally just blogged about trying my sewing machine again and am on the hunt for some material, so thanks for the link to the amazing site with all that lovely material, oh which to choose. hope you feel better soon, thanks agin, katharine

Sally said...

Some lovely LO here - thanks for sharing! I love the idea of the dreams note to self, I may borrow that idea if that's ok...

rainbow_poppy said...

I was going to guess seat covers too.

Love the way you have used the beer mat, looks great

Vicki said...

aww hugs for the swine flu - i've got 2 more days of tamiflu to go..... sucks huh? i think chesty coughs go alongside it - i've had one the whole time!!!! loving the layouts, gorgeous!!!

Emilie said...

Gorgeous LOs!!! and the photos are just wonderfull!!!
Your veg look like they are doing well!
Hope you get better soon!

allyf said...

Really love your Mr & Mrs LO. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Micayla said...

Hi Emma,
I hope you are feeling better now.I cannot believe it has taken me so long to try and get caught up with my blog hopping. I am almost there so I can update my at the weekend.
Now where to start.....first thanks for the award. I thought it was weet what you said about me.
The scrapping eye-candy is just delish, makes me want to go and play instead of just looking!
The wedding photo's are stunning, the course has obviously been well worth it.
I am loving the patchwork yumminess. The choice of fabric is gorgeous. I too am loving the pre-cut Moda fabric. I am working on my quilt at the moment using the Aviary range. I have brought 2 charm packs and plan to make one for my settee. But now I have to check out that site too for more yummy fabric. I blame you for starting this girl!!!
The garden is blooming and the photos are fantastic. I am getting to enjoy my lettuces and my tomoatoes and cabbages are really coming on. Not bad for someone who makes house plants die! I really do find it so rewarding nipping to grab some lettuce for a salad and i am sure you do too. I have plans for pototoes, beetroot and carrots next year, what about you?
Well I am babbling on so i will sign off now.
Take care and get better soon.
Micayla x

yvonne said...

Glad u feelin a little better. The seat cover? is so pretty that fabric is a real find and you have done a good job. The layouts are great. i want to come and see it all close up!

Claireliz said...

Emma this is freaky... I now have the chest infection too! I have also just been shoppinh Crafty Hearts (well last week - but the outcome was the same & yes I bought more Thickers).
Fab LO's too. You're garden is looking lush, all my lettuces have been eaten, by family not slugs - although sometimes I can't tell the difference but my pumpkins aren't doing anything - gutted.
Have tagged you on my blog too.