Saturday, 18 July 2009

Mr & Mrs Say I Do

Well if nothing else my enforced rest has meant I've had time to get round to some long overdue photo editing. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the wedding of this beautiful couple (and if you don't already recognise her it's Jenny my crafty friend!). I had a great day and got to try my hand at some wedding photography. Let me know what you think of them please!

The rest of the photos I've edited can be found on my Flickr here if you fancy having a look.

And speaking of Jenny, she's awarded me this fabulous blog award. Thank you! So, it's now my turn to award it to some other people so here goes.

Micayla - For being a wonderfully Mummy who still finds time to make the most beautiful crafty things despite looking after her most beautiful little girl Emily.
Yvonne - Mark's Mum and because she's quite new to blogging but I love checking out the photos of her garden and the other places she visits on day trips out.
Gertie - Because I'm completely in awe of her beautiful crochet and sewing skills. Just stunning.

And finally I'll leave you with a sneak peak of what I'm doing with that gorgeous Wonderland fabric I shared with you in my previous post. It's just so yummy.


Claireliz said...

liking the patchwork, Jenny must be thrilled with those pics. Glad you're feeling better hun.

yvonne said...

Thanks emma very nice of you to give me an award for my blog as you say i am fairly new to it so lets hope i improve over time ,ha!
I think your wedding photos have turned out really well and capture so well the more relaxed moments of the day. More on your quilt as soon as possible please!

Gertie said...

Thanks for the award.
Please share where you got the fabric as I feel the need to go and get me some.
Lovely pics :-D

danemi1 said...

gorgeous gorgeous photos - bet the couple are delighted with them