Monday, 13 July 2009

Messing about on the river... oh ok the canal!

We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon on the boat. The weather wasn't perfect but it was great to get out and about after a week at work. Managed to get some photos too, and I finally managed to photograph something I've been after catching for a while...

There were loads of mayflies down the canal bank and road the pond of the garden centre we walked too. I even managed to catch this shot of two mating which I've never seen before.

The garden centre has beautiful gardens with amazing flowers. Everytime you go there's something new in bloom... but then again it is in an agricultural college so what do you expect!!! This bumble bee on a thistle looked so laden with pollen I'm surprised he could fly!

And finally, the shot that made the day all worth while. A dragonfly!!! I've wanted to catch one for so long and have never managed it. This one was lurking round the pond and seemed to like these flowers although he never settled properly again after this first time, despite me waiting and watching him fly around and around. Still, I'm pretty happy with this shot even if he isn't quite as spectacular as the HUGE electric blue one that was dive bombing us when we got off the boat by the canal. But still, he's a dragonfly and that's good enough for me!

And in other news the first veg (apart from salad leaves which we've been enjoying for a while now) are ready. I picked these lovely radishes yesterday and I'm going to make a potato salad with them tomorrow. Can't wait to try them. There's loads more to come but nothing else is quite ready yet.

And the plants on my windowsill are doing great too. We've got 4 great big peppers on the middle plant now. I'm really looking forward to them but I'm going to let them ripen fully and go red as red peppers are my favourite. Infact, the first plant is doing so well we've now bought 2 more to go with it. The one closest in the shot is another sweet pepper and the one furthest away is a chilli pepper.
Well that's it for now, I promise I'll be make with some crafting soon. Honest!!! The little "test" patchwork quilt is nearly done now. I just need to finish binding the edges. But it's gone well and I'm definately going to order some proper fabric to have a go at something.


Jenny said...

Gorgeous gorgeous pictures hun... :-) Exciting about the veg popping up too! You must be doing something right! x

Anna said...

Love your photos Emma :) I've been wanting to get a picture of a dragonfly for ages (I see them occasionally in our garden) but have never managed ....