Thursday, 2 July 2009


I picked up a copy of the new magazine Sew and I'm loving it. It's a modern sewing magazine, the clothes patterns are modern and I just love everything in it. The second issue (which is the current one) even contains instructions on how to sew a lap top case!!!

So, I'm all inspired now to spend more time doing some fabric projects. I know this so isn't the weather for it but my first project is going to be a moden patchwork quilt. I love snuggling up with a blanket watching TV so it will also be a useful project, not just a pretty one!

I've been browsing Flickr and there are some really cool ones out there. I'm liking these.

Byneedleandthread on Flickr.

Red Pepper Quilts on Flickr.

There's loads more pretty ones out there. I don't like the fancy ones, I prefer the blocky angular designs with squares and rectangles in modern colours and designs. Now to find the perfect fabric!


Jenny said...

Lush! I'll to have a nosy at sew, it's fairly new isn't it? Not that I need any more encouragement with magazines! X x

Micayla said...
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Micayla said...

Looks like another magazine will be on my I really need more. I have been wanting to make a qulit for so long now but had a practice, failed and gave up. Maybe I need some pretty fabric to gear me up!
The photography course I am going to do is a beginners course run by my local college. I am then doing the advance one next Easter. They dont seem to offer a City and Guilds which I am gutted about but they said it may be offered at a later date!
Have a lovely creative weekend.
Micayla xx

Claireliz said...

I love these quilts, I think I need to make one to snuggle under with a good book

Anonymous said...

Oo I got the first issue of Sew. Must look for the 2nd issue, didn't know twas out! The other week I bought fabric to start a quilt, but making dress now instead, as I can't stitch straight!:(