Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Scrapbooking, Sewing and Gardening... Oh My!

Bit of a catch up post really with what I've been up to. But first of all a Swine Flu update. I finished my Tamiflu a few days ago but still wasn't feeling right so after speaking to the doctor who wanted me to come in so they could listen to my chest. As it turns out I've now got a chest infection and the doctor says it's hard to tell whether I've had one all along or the Swine Flu caused it as the symptoms for both are very similar.

Anyway, I was feeling a bit better last night so we went to Asda for a food shop. Big mistake, by the end of walking round (and I wasn't even pushing the trolley!) I was so knackered and short of breath it was untrue. Clearly I'm not better yet. But hopefully now I'm on anti biotics I'll be fine again soon but in the mean time all this enforced R&R is giving me the perfect chance to catch up on some long over due craftyness.

I love this photo of Jenny & James driving off from the church in the wedding car. Not your typical wedding photo but I really like it so I decided to scrap it to go in the "day trip" album (aka the adventures one featured in SI). I try and scrap atleast 1 LO from our daytrips and I love looking through the album. It's a great way of remembering all those trips out.

It's mostly been made with stash I bought from the fab local craft shop Crafty Hearts. If you're anywhere near definately check it out, you're guarentied a warm welcome and they have the most gorgeous stash. The Jenny Bowlin and Anna Griffin PP and the Thickers on this LO all came from there. The clear fabric circle is actual from the favours boxes from the wedding and the little white scalloped circle just under the photo is actually a drinks mat I stole from the hotel bar at the wedding!

I love this photo of me and Jenny (again taken at the wedding - Jenny doesn't wear a wedding dress in everyday life honest!) and when we saw it we both agree it needed scrapping. And this is my attempt. Made using the June ScrapAGoGo kit mostly, with other bits thrown in for good measure like the Jenny Bowlin Ticket and journalling card from Every Jot and Title at Etsy. Love that big embossed dot cardstock from Bazzill, it's nearly as good as dotted swiss!

And finally a bit of a self motivating LO for me made with lots of different bits and bobs from my stash. There's several things I want to achieve in my life at the moment and I am taking big steps right now towards achieving them and hopefully it won't be too long before the dreams become a reality. I made this to remind me that even when it feels like it's never going to happen that if I stay positive it will happen. Mark's a constant reminder to what you can achieve if you put your mind to it and I know if I work hard enough it'll happen! There's some hidden journalling on the tab before the photo of exactly what I do want to achieve and I think I'm going to leave this one out in my craft (maybe even mount it on a canvas for the wall) to keep me motivated.
And another sneak peak of the on going patchwork sewing project... I've made one but there's another one to go. Can you guess what it is yet?
A couple of people have asked where I got the fabric from. I bought it from a fab internet shop (although they also have a real shop) called Cross Patch. They don't actually have an online shop, but if you send an order request to them they send you a paypal invoice. Great service and super quick delivery too!

And finally a bit of an update from the garden. The lettuce crop is in full swing now and it's great to be able to have fresh lettuce whenever you want it. I just need to remember to keep resowing to make sure we have a constant supply. The other plants are doing well, the beetroot are well on the way and there's lots of green tomatoes appearing on the plants.
Well that was a huge update from me, hopefully I'll be back soon with the finished sewing project and some garden journal pages!

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Mr & Mrs Say I Do

Well if nothing else my enforced rest has meant I've had time to get round to some long overdue photo editing. A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend the wedding of this beautiful couple (and if you don't already recognise her it's Jenny my crafty friend!). I had a great day and got to try my hand at some wedding photography. Let me know what you think of them please!

The rest of the photos I've edited can be found on my Flickr here if you fancy having a look.

And speaking of Jenny, she's awarded me this fabulous blog award. Thank you! So, it's now my turn to award it to some other people so here goes.

Micayla - For being a wonderfully Mummy who still finds time to make the most beautiful crafty things despite looking after her most beautiful little girl Emily.
Yvonne - Mark's Mum and because she's quite new to blogging but I love checking out the photos of her garden and the other places she visits on day trips out.
Gertie - Because I'm completely in awe of her beautiful crochet and sewing skills. Just stunning.

And finally I'll leave you with a sneak peak of what I'm doing with that gorgeous Wonderland fabric I shared with you in my previous post. It's just so yummy.

Friday, 17 July 2009

Sew Lovely

First of all let me say a big thank you for all the well wishes on my previous post. I'm still feeling lousy but atleast I don't feel any worse!

After much umming and ahhing I finally picked a fabric range to quilt with for real. And what did I choose? Well I fell in love with the stunning Wonderland by Moda designer MoMo. This beautiful range of fabric is inspired by Alice in Wonderland and is just beautiful beyond belief... And just how cute are those scissor prints? So perfect for creating something for my craft room.

Not only that but Moda do all of their fabric ranges in several precut options. When I started to look into it, the cost of a decent rotery cutter and a large quilters rule was about £40 and I just didn't want to spend that to start with... especially when you can buy them pre cut in either Layer Cakes (10" squares), Jelly Rolls (2.5" x 40" strips) or Charm Packs (5" squares).

Well as this is my first project I went for a small charm pack and it was a bargain. Only £8! It took a while to find a UK seller (I was beginning to think I'd have to get it from America) but in the end I found one and it arrived today. Sadly I'm too ill to do anything with it apart from stroke it lovingly but hopefully I'll be feeling up to doing something with it soon. So in the mean time here's what it can look like when it's all put together... I love the mixed up style of colours and patterns with this fabric range. It looks so pretty as a quilt.

And this beautiful quilt is for sale on Etsy from the seller Amy Smart if you feel the need to buy it! In the mean time, I'm off to try and finalise exactly what I'm going to make with this beautiful fabric. I have an idea in my head so I think I'll lay the fabric out and see how it looks.

Thursday, 16 July 2009

Sick Day Scrapping

Would you believe it... I've got swine flu!!! Well, according to the doctor I spoke to on the phone I have as they are no longer doing swab tests. I don't feel like I've got proper flu. More like a bad cold but he said that was quite common and many people are only experiencing mild symptoms.

So I've been given tamiflu and have atleast 5 days off work (confined to the house as I'm not allowed in contact with anyone) until I've finished the tamiflu.

I'm feeling lousy, but yesterday managed to do a LO with the new ScrapAGoGo kit that arrived. Bless my Dad, he delivered it to my house along with the tamiflu that he had to go and pick up for me. Mind you it did take me all day to do. I kept doing a little bit and then going for a lie down I'm that tired.

This LO is something of a scraplift. Well, perhaps scraplift is the wrong word. It's been inspired by the style of my dear friend Annadomini. Infact there's also several bits and bobs on there that she's sent me - the clip, journalling spot and the coloured scalloped circle all arrived in amongst the most delightful packages she's so good at putting together.

The plan for today is not very much. I'm hoping to catch up on a few pages for my ongoing garden journal but I seem to have been robbed of all energy. My arms and legs feel like they've got lead weights attached.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Messing about on the river... oh ok the canal!

We spent a lovely Sunday afternoon on the boat. The weather wasn't perfect but it was great to get out and about after a week at work. Managed to get some photos too, and I finally managed to photograph something I've been after catching for a while...

There were loads of mayflies down the canal bank and road the pond of the garden centre we walked too. I even managed to catch this shot of two mating which I've never seen before.

The garden centre has beautiful gardens with amazing flowers. Everytime you go there's something new in bloom... but then again it is in an agricultural college so what do you expect!!! This bumble bee on a thistle looked so laden with pollen I'm surprised he could fly!

And finally, the shot that made the day all worth while. A dragonfly!!! I've wanted to catch one for so long and have never managed it. This one was lurking round the pond and seemed to like these flowers although he never settled properly again after this first time, despite me waiting and watching him fly around and around. Still, I'm pretty happy with this shot even if he isn't quite as spectacular as the HUGE electric blue one that was dive bombing us when we got off the boat by the canal. But still, he's a dragonfly and that's good enough for me!

And in other news the first veg (apart from salad leaves which we've been enjoying for a while now) are ready. I picked these lovely radishes yesterday and I'm going to make a potato salad with them tomorrow. Can't wait to try them. There's loads more to come but nothing else is quite ready yet.

And the plants on my windowsill are doing great too. We've got 4 great big peppers on the middle plant now. I'm really looking forward to them but I'm going to let them ripen fully and go red as red peppers are my favourite. Infact, the first plant is doing so well we've now bought 2 more to go with it. The one closest in the shot is another sweet pepper and the one furthest away is a chilli pepper.
Well that's it for now, I promise I'll be make with some crafting soon. Honest!!! The little "test" patchwork quilt is nearly done now. I just need to finish binding the edges. But it's gone well and I'm definately going to order some proper fabric to have a go at something.

Friday, 10 July 2009

The best things in life are free

Mark gets a lot of his materials for work delivered on huge wooden pallets, about twice the size of the normal ones you see. And the company doesn't want them back. Infact he has to practically force the drivers to take back ones from previous deliveries when the drop some new stuff off.

So we decided to repurpose one of them and turn it into a raised vegetable bed. This is when I'm really glad Mark is a joiner, it took him no time to knock this up and it's just perfect. Ok so it won't last more than a few years as the wood isn't treated but who cares? The cost to us was absoloutely nothing!

This photo was taken a few weeks ago when we first did it. It's full of radishes and salad leaves etc etc that are well on their way now. I'll take photos soon of what it looks like now, it's amazing how quickly things grow.

I've also been practising my patchwork. Before I spent a lot of money on expensive fabric I decided to have a go with some scraps I already had in my stash and it's turned out really well. I need to buy some wadding this weekend to finish it off and sew the layers together but it's turned out really well so far and I can't wait to do a proper one. Now just to decide on the fabric I want to use. There's so many pretty designs... decisions decisions!

Thursday, 2 July 2009


I picked up a copy of the new magazine Sew and I'm loving it. It's a modern sewing magazine, the clothes patterns are modern and I just love everything in it. The second issue (which is the current one) even contains instructions on how to sew a lap top case!!!

So, I'm all inspired now to spend more time doing some fabric projects. I know this so isn't the weather for it but my first project is going to be a moden patchwork quilt. I love snuggling up with a blanket watching TV so it will also be a useful project, not just a pretty one!

I've been browsing Flickr and there are some really cool ones out there. I'm liking these.

Byneedleandthread on Flickr.

Red Pepper Quilts on Flickr.

There's loads more pretty ones out there. I don't like the fancy ones, I prefer the blocky angular designs with squares and rectangles in modern colours and designs. Now to find the perfect fabric!