Monday, 8 June 2009


The garden seems to change every day. At the moment there's a load of daisys that have magically appeared in the grass. Some might think they're weeds but I like them. Our grass isn't great but it's green and I think the daisys add something to it!

And the vegetables are doing well in their little grow bag. Mark's Mum gave us an old plastic green house cover but she couldn't find the poles for it, so Mark has built a frame out of wood and it's the perfect size for our grow bag. The tomato plants have just started to flower now, they're still small and only a few flowers but it's a sign something is happening!

The spring onions are just starting to come up, I love spring onions in salads so can't wait for these.

And the radishes are doing really well. Need to look into how to thin them out as they're really took off and are getting a bit crowded now. Think that's going to be a job for the weekend.

And as for the Getaway? It was brilliant. I met some fantastic people and couldn't have asked for a better group to sit with. I'll do a bigger and better post about it soon, with lots of photos when I've had a chance to sort through them all properly. If anyone knows a free and easy site to do a slide show on I'd appreciate you letting me know what it is!


Vicki said...

hi emma,

ooh those veggies looks great!!! is a good website to do your slides on :D

vicki x

Jenny said...

Glad you had a fab time Hun,
Ive got a zoom lens for you, will nip it round with your sd card whenever you're free. Also James has a question for u about tripod heads or something. Jaime le jardin! X x x

Micayla said...

OOOH someone else who is growing stuff! I am growing tomatoes, lettuce, chillies and cabbages and am going to use Emily's baby bath to grow some new potatoes. I am loving it and we are totally gutting the garden to start again in a few weeks. The garden is a weed haven at the mo and it seems a waste not to enjoy it now summer is here.