Sunday, 28 June 2009

My DIY Album Tutorial - Scrapbook Inspirations

How excited was I to get this months copy of Scrapbook Inspirations? You may remember a while back I posted a small 6x6 ring bound album I'd made myself from scratch and asked if anyone would like a tutorial about how to make one? And then everything went quiet...

Well, the reason was that Scrapbook Inspirations wanted to publish the tutorial. I was so excited about it, and really wanted to share the great news but decided to wait until the issue actually hit the shops. So, if you do want to know how to make your own D Ring album from scratch go and buy this months copy!

Also, I was asked to do the sketch challenge and by complete chance they've both appeared in the same issue.

It's super hot here at the moment but we're also getting pretty regular thunderstorms meaning the garden is growing like mad. The vegetables are looking great, I'll be back with some more pictures of them soon.

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Jenny Bowlin Goodness, how to store all that new stash and simple LO's

Mark's been away this week. On holiday. Well, I call it a holiday... he calls it work. In actual fact he's working on his friends challet in the Alps in France so it's a working holiday I guess. He's due back home tonight and as he's been away and I haven't I decided I deserved a little treat.

As it was my day off today (and although I love it when I get a day off during the week it also means I'm at work on Saturday which I definately don't like!) so I got up early and did some housework before setting off for a local craft shop. Not the best of shops, but when I last popped in they had some of the Martha Stewart punches so I went in with fingers and toes crossed that they might have the lace doily punch this time. Alas no luck, all they had was the picket fence one.

But not deterred, I went to the other local craft shop which is much much better (but I always spend way too much when I go in!). They have so much lovely stuff, before they opened I could only got this kinda stash online. This time they'd got a load of Jenny Bowlin stuff in so it would have been rude not to get some! I also let some thickers and sheet of embossed Anna Griffin fall into my basket while I was there too.

I also managed to get some more 1 inch book rings for my new storage rail. Mark put this up for me while I was at the GoGoGetaway and I love it sooooo much. The rail and little clips are from Ikea and although it's definately not an original idea it's so clever and is a great way to store all those funny shaped packages. And incase you're wondering, all those butterflies are part of a canvas I've been working on for my craft room. It's nearly finished and I'll share it all with you shortly when it's done.

Now that we're taking a bit more of an interest in the garden I decided it would be a lovely idea to do some sort of a garden journal. At the getway I treated myself to a 6x12 cordroy album which is lush for that very purpose, and the Cosmo Cricket Early Bird range is just perfect for the pages. Nothing complicated, infact very simple easy to put together pages as I want this to be a journal/photograph album with a bit of scrapbooking thrown in for good measure. I seem to have less and less time these days so this is just perfect for my life at the moment. The journaling is done on the computer on photoshop using a free typewriter font I downloaded ages ago (sorry I can't remember where but it was probably DaFont) and then printed directly onto kraft cardstock - another reason to love 6x12... you can print directly onto your LO's using a standard A4 printer!

I've got some other really exciting news to share soon, but I'll wait til I can blog about it properly and share it with you.

Monday, 8 June 2009


The garden seems to change every day. At the moment there's a load of daisys that have magically appeared in the grass. Some might think they're weeds but I like them. Our grass isn't great but it's green and I think the daisys add something to it!

And the vegetables are doing well in their little grow bag. Mark's Mum gave us an old plastic green house cover but she couldn't find the poles for it, so Mark has built a frame out of wood and it's the perfect size for our grow bag. The tomato plants have just started to flower now, they're still small and only a few flowers but it's a sign something is happening!

The spring onions are just starting to come up, I love spring onions in salads so can't wait for these.

And the radishes are doing really well. Need to look into how to thin them out as they're really took off and are getting a bit crowded now. Think that's going to be a job for the weekend.

And as for the Getaway? It was brilliant. I met some fantastic people and couldn't have asked for a better group to sit with. I'll do a bigger and better post about it soon, with lots of photos when I've had a chance to sort through them all properly. If anyone knows a free and easy site to do a slide show on I'd appreciate you letting me know what it is!

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Going, Going, Gone...

I seriously can't believe the Go Go Getaway is actually here... after many months of waiting it's actually happening. Setting off early tomorrow morning for a LONG drive down south with two of my friends.

So what can I look forward to? I hope, a fantastic weekend with some great people and I might just manage some scrapping while I'm at it.

I'm now packed and ready to go, and I'll be back after the weekend with lots of photos and lots of scrappage hopefully!