Sunday, 26 April 2009

Progress... And some LO's!

Well my craft room is coming along nicely. I've certainly got it under control now compared to the state it was in yesterday when I made my last post. I fact, I feel positively inspired by it. Today I was Mark's apprentice and between us we've made some new storage and altered some of my existing storage to better fit the room and my needs.

All that's needed now is a trip to Ikea. I've sorted my stash and purged quite a lot of it. I could probably get rid of more but it's actually manageable now which is the main thing. However, at the moment there are lots of "piles" of things on my desk waiting to be put into the boxes and baskets I will buy from Ikea. However, the end is definately in sight!

12x12 paper storage. This was already in my room but has been modified slightly to fit better. It was originally made when we still lived in the flat and it lived in our bedroom. Now that I have my own craftroom it's been changed to work better with my other furniture.

And this fantastic piece is brand new... we made it today. I'm so excited about this one and can't wait to fill it. It's the storage I've needed for ages and have had to do without so it's so nice to finally have it! And for those of you who know about the Ikea Expedit yes it's very similar... that's where we got the idea. But this one is custom built my tiny little room.
So that's it for now, but I hope you like the sneak peaks... I'll do proper photos of my room when it's finished after my trip to Ikea.
And now, as promised here are some layouts! Yes I have been scrapbooking in my absence. These were done quite a while ago now but I never got round to uploading them. They're all photos from our recent holiday to the Alps.
The obligitory photo of the plane's wing documenting my "love hate" relationship with flying. Quite a simple LO really, October Afternoon and Making Memories PP, Maya Road chipboard letters and a Making Memories Passport tag.

I just had to scrap this photo... as soon as we got the challet and had got the fire going Mark got his snowboard and climbed up the hill at the back to have a go. He realy couldn't wait. On this one I've used October Afternoon PP, Making Memories Tiny Alphas, Maya Road chipboard Letters, a Rub On and fabric snowflake from my good friend Annadomini and a vintage ticket.

One of my biggest wories when we went was that there would be no snow as it was quite late in the season. This was made even worse when we landed at Geneva and there was no snow anywhere. However, there was no need to worry as when we got to the Challet there was about 3ft of snow. When you walked in it you sunk in up to your knees, and that wasn't even going all the way down. My snowboots were the best thing I took. On this one I've used a PP from the March ScrapAGoGo kit and some October Afternoon PP, Making Memories Noteworthy Journalling block, Making Memories Tiny Alphas, Making Memories Chipboard Letters and some super cool badges from Paperchase.

When we woke up on the second day it was really misty, and the valley the challet looks onto (this photo was taken from the balcony) was covered in a very low cloud. Was very pretty though but it did mean when we went up Mont Cherry later on it was a complete white out! I've used loads of different things on this. The PP and little rossette is from the March ScrapAGoGo, Maya Road Chipboard Alphas, Making Memories Passport Tag, Making Memories Funky Vintage Trim, a Mountain Picture again from Annadomini and lots of other vintage finds. Oh and the stitching down the side of the photo is all down by hand.

And finally I did this LO all about the woodburning stove in the challet and the wood we needed for it. The photo of the pile of wood on the left I particularly wanted to document becuase I stacked it all myself, I was so proud! Mark passed it up from underneath the challet and I stacked it on the balcony. The LO itself is based on the Sketch in Issue 51 of scrapbook inspriations. October Afternoon and Hambly PP and another spotty one I'm not sure where I got it from and it doesn't have a manufacturer on it, Making Memories Chipboard letters, Making memories tiny Alphas, Dymo Woodgrain Tape, and various other embellies including a cool "Boys Will Be Boys" tag from my friend Nabview aka Julie.
Wow, super big post from me and I've still got more LO's to share. Anyway, hope you've all had a lovely weekend and if the spring cleaning bug bites you too I really do urge you to have a crafty clean out. It was hard work, and at one point I had serious doubts but it was definately worth it in the end!

Saturday, 25 April 2009

It seemed like a good idea at the time...

But then again most things do don't they? Especially the thought of having a beautifully organised and well designed scrapbook room full of stash that you actually use. So filled with ideas I decided the first step in the process was a complete spring clean of my stash.

Bad idea.

I have no idea where it all comes from? Seriously, it must breed in the middle of the night of something because I'm sure I never bought all this.

I'm right in the middle of this clear out right now and I kid you not there is stuff EVERYWHERE. However, I have got past that half way point and I can see light at the end of the tunnel.

Tomorrow me and Mark are going to make me some more custom furniture/storage. The original plan was to go and buy an Expedit from Ikea but I realised that I'd have to loose half my desk space if I got one (I have a huge L shaped desk that Mark made me). So instead, we're going to make some more custom storage that will work around the furniture I already have. And then, it'll be off to Ikea to purchase some other little bits and bobs to finish it all off - think baskets and boxes and a new chair!

But now, if I ever want to get it finished I really need to stop browsing Flickr and the Ikea website for inspiration and get back to it!

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The wanderer returns... and another one leaves

Apologies for my rather extended absence from the world of blogging. I guess life just got in the way. I've been so busy making the most of all this lovely weather we've been having, working very hard, completeing my photography portfolios and also working on some other very special projects that I'll be sharing with you in due course.

I've also waved goodbye to my big brother as he heads off for a 6 month trip round the world in a grown up version of back packing. If you want to follow his adventures along the "silk route" find him on blogger here at Back In Six.
I'll be back wigth another update soon I promise with some more photos of what I've been up to and maybe even a scrapbook page or two to share!