Sunday, 15 February 2009

Snowboard Love

You may or may not know that we are very soon off on a trip to the Alps... Yes really. Me, the person who neither skis or snowboards is going to the Alps in winter. But I did have other motives for wanting to go, it's just stunning scenery and I'd planned a "photography holiday". Well, problem was I didn't have anything I needed to go over there so it was time to go shopping for a jacket, pants, snow boots, gloves and a hat! Yes ok I admit I didn't really need the hat or the gloves but well, might as well get everything while I'm at it...

My biggest fear though was that I wouldn't get anything I actually liked, most of the cheap jackets just aren't my cup of tea. I wanted something retro and cool, and well a snowboarders jacket really rather than a skiers one! However, most I liked were over £150 which was well out of the budget... We went to Chill Factore in Manchester today for a look round to see if we could find anything and imagine my delight when I found this jacket by Bonfire in Snow and Rock reduced to just £77.

It's so cool, a moss green colour with these vintage winter snow queen fairy tale type sketches all over it. I'm totally in love with it and it really appeals to both the scrapper and the (wannabe) snowboarder within me!

Also notice the new hat! It's by Volcom and I don't dare tell you how much it cost... But it's way cool and was the only hat I really liked.

The pants are Mark's old ones that he's said I can wear... really just an excuse for him to buy some new ones but I'm not complaining. I love these, and the braces (not worn up but hanging down of course) look ace. To complete the look are some white snow boots and I'm all set to go! Ok so I haven't actually got the snow boots yet, the shoes I'm wearing are actually some new trainers I got today. Subvert had these Etnies reduced in the sale from £62 to £25 and I couldn't resist...

However, at this point a certain phrase that one of Mark's friends uses springs to mind... "All the gear and no idea" and I'm rather ashamed to admit that it completely is true! Mark reckons (and so do I) that I look just like a snowboarder in all this new stuff. Fact is I can't snowboard to save my life. So what do you reckon? Would you think I was a boarder if you saw me? Hopefully the answer is yes as that's the whole point!

Well actually at this point I should admit I couldn't resist and I persuaded Mark to buy both the trainers and jacket for me (and the soon to be purchased snow boots). He's so lovely and so good to me! But in all fairness he just wants me to look like a snowboarder so he's not alone, apparently 95% of people where we are going are Skiers! And he reckons they don't like snowboarders but I don't see why not. Ah well, we can't complain. It's our friends challet so we don't pay anything to go there, just flights and car hire. I can't wait!!!

And now to slightly more normally blogging, my fabric from a few posts ago finally arrived... It's just as gorgeous as I thought it'd be and I can't wait to get going with it. Just need some other fabric to go with it and away I go. The other scrummy fabric underneath is just lush too, soo touchy feely it's really soft and I just love the little balls all over it. It's going to form the main part of my album cover for my upcoming trip to the Alps. I think the little balls look like little snowballs.
In other news I've been scrapbooking again! Didn't get chance to photograph them today in the daylight but I'll be back tomorrow with pictures.


CloClo said...

that fabric looks really fun and I love your latest layouts, those birdcages are great! X

Ifa said...

You go girl...why don't you learn as well whilst you are there ?

Jenny said...

Nice! You look rather cool, unlike my geeky self in my super safe helmet and err "cheaper" jacket lol. I hope you learn chuck it would be v cool - when are your hols? PS if you want to borrow james has a zoom lens if we go to chill factore? Now show us that scrapping! x x x