Friday, 9 January 2009

Project 365 - Day 9 Red Red Roses

Not a long post today but I still wanted to share my photo of the day.

There's something magical about having flowers around the house, especially in winter. They make the house feel alive. I love to have flowers (especially if they are bought for me!!!) and so I'm going to aim to include a photo of every bunch of flowers I have throughout the year. It's going well so far as I've included the two bunches so far... the lillies and the roses that are currently on my mantelpiece.


Mary B said...

Such a gorgeous bunch deep red roses

Debbie said...

2 bunches and we are only a week in!! I can;t remember when I last had flowers at home!!

Micayla said...

What a gorgeous bunch of flowers Emma, you are lucky, two bunches already. I did buy myself some reeds from next so I suppose that kinda counts.
Just had fun getting catch up with your blog, the photo's are fantastic, seriously good girl!
Hope you had a fab crimbo and new year and happy 2009 xx