Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Project 365 - Day 6 Catch Up and Day 7 Retail Therapy

You'll have to excuse me not coming online yesterday to blog my photo, however the good news is that I did still take one! When I got home for work I discovered that Mark had finished early and surprise me with a lovely romantic evening. He'd even set up this shot as he thought it'd make a good photo for my 365... how lovely! So I think you'll forgive me and understand why I didn't come back online.

Today I've not been to work and had a lovely time shopping this morning! I went to the new craft shop in Preston Crafty Hearts where I picked up a new circle punch and a selection of new 12x12 papers with the intention of using them for my 365 album (which is coming along very nicely thank you - photos soon I promise!).

On the way back I stopped off at a lovely shop that sells all kinds of beautiful unsual bits and pieces - mainly gifts and bits and bobs for the home. I managed to pick up some truely stunning wire birds and a similar metal one that are designed to hang from some ribbon. I'm going to have them in my craft room hanging from the ceiling in the corner above my computer I think but I need to put some different ribbon on them first. No photo of them today as it was so grey and dull and I want to get a photo of them in situ. I'm sure they'll make a great future entry to my 365 though. I also picked up some really cute tiny wooden hearts that have different words on them, thought they'd make great embellishments.

And one of the other things I love about the shop is the packaging! There bags are just amazing, I really love them and can't bear to get rid of them so I save them. I've got ideas about what to do with them, the smaller ones perhaps will become pages in a mini book and I might cut up the big paper one and use it as the background to a LO. What do you reckon?
And as you can see I really do like these bags... so much infact that they are the subject of my Day 7 photo to document my day of retail therapy!


joanold said...

Just love those bags. In fact I was staring at them for ages before I read your comments and was wondering what I would do with them!

Ruthie said...

I can't get rid of fancy bags either. I always intend to do crafty stuff with things I save but never get round to it. I must check out that craft shop too.

Jenny said...

Fab picture, please can you tell me how you desaturwotsited your rose sometime I'd love to know!!! You are a lucky girl isn't Mark lovely! Was crafty hearts more stocked up then? Resisting temptation to go in! x x x x

Mary B said...

they are indeed beautiful bags and well worth using on a scrap page. Like the arrangement here makes for good composition