Monday, 5 January 2009

Project 365 - Day 5 Goodbye Christmas

The Christmas decorations came down yesterday. The lounge and dining room look so empty and bare, it's really quite sad. I love Christmas and love decorating the house for it so it's always a sad time when they have to come down again. But then again if I had them up all year round they wouldn't be so special would they? They'd become ordinary and "everyday".

The boxes of christmas decorations caught my eye when I got home from work (and as I had very little time to take a photo as my photography class has started again) and I thought they'd make a nice photo. Not the most interesting of photos for today, but atleast I've taken one and it documents the story of the moment which my 365 project is all about - documenting a year in my life through photos.


Jenny said...

Looks fab , the light is so warm it's lovely x x

Minty Magic said...

I was just thinking the same about the warm lighting - makes it feel really Christmassy