Saturday, 3 January 2009

Project 365 - Day 3 And Then There Was Light

Yes it's day 3 of 365 and I'm still here phew. Got a long way to go but the journey is most definately still going strong. I've been thinking a lot about photography (more on that coming soon!) and I'm definately loving it, along with learning more and more about CS3 thanks to the superb book my brother bought me for christmas that's a step by step walk through to everything a photographer needs to know about photoshop. Great present and oh so useful.

Nothing particularly interesting happened today (unless you count tidying the craft room and I can assure you I most definately don't count that as fun!), so the photo today is of a row of little tealights lined up all nice and pretty on my sideboard.

Well that's another day been and gone. I've got a long way to go and an awful lot of improving to do but I'll get there. I've never been more determined to do something as what I am at the moment!


Jenny said...

Pictures gorgeous as always hun - so does that mean now you've tidied up we're allowed in lol? x x x

kikimama said...

What a pretty photo!

Mary B said...

that is a super duper photo so clear each and every flame and perfect symmetry

Creative Treasures said...

I love your photo its so fab.


rachel said...

oooh lovely photo