Thursday, 29 January 2009

Project 365 - Day 29 Moscow Mule

The current tipple of choice in our house is most definately a Moscow Mule and I wanted to document this for todays photo. It's not the prettiest of photos and you may wonder why I've composed it the way I have. Well truth be told I deliberately left all the empty space on the right hand side so I can write directly onto the photo with the instructions for making one to go in my Project 365 album.

We first tried them over Christmas. You may have seen the adverts Smirn Off ran over Christmas advertising them. To make one you need to...

Pour some vodka into a glass.
Pour in a little lime cordial.
Fill the glass with ginger beer.
Add a couple of slices of lime.
Relax and enjoy!

Ok so the advert doesn't actually mention the lime cordial but we like it with it in! And no measures I'm afriad, we just kinda pour it in and run with it. But they are yummy, I love them.

So go, give them a go. Even if you don't like ginger beer you'll be surprised. I won't drink ginger beer on it's own, I really don't like it (compared to Mark who loves ginger beer on it's own) but we both love a Moscow Mule. Delicious!

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Mary B said...

I like this composition and the way you have left the rhs free to put the recipe in. Well done I would try that but I dont have the ginger beer. lol