Sunday, 18 January 2009

Project 365 Catch Up - Days 15 and 16

For day 15 I was a little stuck for photo idea so I pinched one previously used by the lovely Katy - I decided to photograph the contents of my handbag.

So on this particular day I had in my bag...

- My mobile phone, which is a very old one that I've had for years but I've had newer phones since that I've broken and I've always gone back to this Nokia).
- My purse.
- My car keys and my house keys.
- A little notebook I bought from the lifeboat charity shop at Lytham where I jot down any photography/crafting ideas as they come to me.
- My old digital compact camera. I used to love this camera, but sadly I outgrew it and it was replaced by a DSLR. However, it now lives in my handbag for those "just incase" moments where I might not have my 450d with me.
- A pack of chewing gum.
- Some Max Factor lip glose that is just scrummy.
- A Body Shop lip balm that has nearly run out but is soooo fab.
- A Max Factor foundation compact.
- A pen.

And that's about it, it changes daily but that's what I had on that particular day!

And now onto day 16 and time for George to make his first appearence in my project. We had a great time playing with him and I haven't been able to choose between the photos so I'm actually using 3 for this day. I won't make a habit of using more than one photo but occasionally I think it's ok.

Apologies for the slightly grainy first 2 photos but I had to have it on ISO 1600 to allow me to use a fast enough shutter speed indoors at night to get these photos of him playing.

And once he's had a good play he likes nothing more than to curl up a nice comfy lap and go to sleep... ok I admit it's me in my PJ's in this photo and Mark actually took it but I couldn't resist including it. He's soooo cute.


Ruthie said...

Even at low light the shots of George are still fab. I love those number chips too. Can't wait to see the finished project.

joanold said...

Good action shots of the cat. I must do a handbag one some day (after I've tidied it a bit!)

Sarah said...

They are so cute - what a beautiful cat.
Great photo's


Kerry said...

That is a gorgeous photogenic cat.

My handbag is full of old receipts that I have been too lazy to remove.