Saturday, 15 November 2008

Tagged - 7 Random Facts About Me

Chloe has tagged me to tell you all 7 random facts about myself, well here goes...

1. I met my partner whilst we were both on holiday in Newquay which is about 350 miles from where I live in Preston. The strange thing was that he actually lived just down the road from me, about 3 miles away. And we're still together over 5 years later.

2. I can touch type at a super duper fast speed, I think my official speed is over 85 wpm. I learnt to touch type because I have an old injury on my right hand that means I find it extremely painful to write for any prolonged period of time but it doesn't hurt to type. My ability to touch type came in very handy when I was doing my exams, as I did them all on computer!

3. I really dislike reality tv. I don't watch any of them... Xfactor, Strictly, Big Brother, I'm a Celebrity... Not a single one! I even haven't watched Gok Wan's latest program because it's a bit like reality tv and I normally love Gok!

4. I have to have the volume on everything on an even number. At one point I was quite obsessive about it but then my new car doesn't have any numbers for the volume on the stereo so I'm calmed down a little bit although there was an initial moment of panic when I realised I wouldn't know what number it was on! However, I'm not as bad as a friend who has to have the volume on number 8 whilst driving to work otherwise they'll have a bad day, not just an even number it has to be number 8.

5. I really really really wish I liked snowboarding. Mark loves it. I've tried it once and had such a bad experience that I didn't even finish the 3 hour lesson. It's a shame but atleast I can say I did try it once.

6. I don't like spicey food. Food that other people tell me isn't really spicey can often in my opinion be very spicey indeed!

7. I didn't go abroad until I was 17 when I went for the first time with Mark. He also had never been abroad. The airport was amusing to say the least as neither of us had a clue what we were doing!

Ok so now I believe I have to tag 7 people to do this too. I choose Jenny, Sarah (aka Gertie), Katy, Claire, Annette, Rachel and Vicki.

I'll be back a little later too with some photos for you of what I've been up and some lovely stash.

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Jenny said...

Oh no does that mean I have to think of random things??? Lol, come on lets see what you've been making I'm getting impatient ;-)