Saturday, 4 October 2008

Photography Competition Shortlist

Ok first of all my apologies that it's been over a week since I updated this, but life has got in the way! What with the lack of hot water and heating when the central heating system packed up and the appearance of a "stray" siamese cat things have been a little bit hectic!

But first of all I've had my photo shortlisted for the September Photography Competition on UKScrappers. This is the photo that I've had shortlisted, the theme was 4 as it was the host's 40th birthday at the end of the month so I entered a photo of 4 cupcakes to fit the theme of both 4 and the birthday! And yes I did bake them, decorate them and photograph them myself and they were very yummy!

You can vote for them on the September Photography Challenge Thread on UKScrappers if you're a member, my username is Mrs J4y over there and of course mine is the photo of the cupcakes!

Thankfully the hot water is all sorted again now, but it took 3 engineers to get it fixed. Thankfully British Gas were pretty on the ball about sending people out to get it sorted and while one of them was here he serviced all the other gas appliances including the boiler, gas fire and cooker ready for winter. If I'm honest I'm glad it packed up now when it's only just starting to go cold rather than when it's really cold later on in the year!

We've also been having visits from another stray cat. We've kinda admitted that George the little black and white stable cat is here to stay these days. He's looking loads better (and fatter!) and his coat is starting to grow back in the bald patches since we started feeding him and I defleaed him. But then I started seeing a siamese knocking about. I didn't get near him for ages but I realised he was polishing off George's left overs. And when I finally did get near him I thought he was really skinny. Anyway, turns out he isn't skinny that's just the way they are but it made me worried about him. He didn't have a collar on so I put one on him with a message on it to call our phone number and later on that evening I got a call from his owner who lives at the other end of the street! He is also called George would you believe it! That's probably what made him start turning up in the first place when he heard me shouting his name... Anyway his owner was most apologetic about George bothering me and not at all bothered I'd put a collar on him. Well atleast I know now although he is still turning up everyday, but I'm not feeding him anymore! He has a perfectly good home. He's very affectionate though and loves to play so I think he just likes to visit too, or is that just wishful thinking on my part?


voodoo vixen said...

Oh yummmmm, they look good enough to eat!! LOL It sounds like you get 'adopted' by moggies too... doesn't matter where I live... I always end up with feline visitors...

Jenny said...

Oh emma thats so sweet! So glad to hear George MkI is feeling much better, he's so lovely - and good company for u too!

Good luck with your pic hun, they look so yummy i think you should make me some hahaha!

Liverpool Lou said...

Mmm I love cake and these look absolutely gorgeouw. Great photo :)
Anne x (anneevo on UKS)