Monday, 6 October 2008

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!

Well after doing all the housework this morning and the weather was still blue skies I decided to take myself off somewhere to practise photography. I'd been meaning to go to Lytham St Annes for a while so it seemed like a perfect chance! It was very windy on the beach but I was wrapped up warm so it wasn't too bad. Had a great fun afternoon and walked miles along the front which has got to be good for me anyway!

This first photo was taken specifically for my portfolio on my City & Guilds to show Linear Perspective... Doesn't that sound posh! One of many formal elements we learnt about last week and I've been taking some photos to illustrate some of them for my portfolio. Still, it's pretty funky and incase you're wondering it's the life boat jetty in Lytham.

Next up some pretty cool old abandoned boats. I didn't dare get very close to them as I was on my own and there were big warning signs up telling you about the dangers on this part of the beach and that there was no rescue service here so on your own head be it. Well it didn't actually say that but you get my drift... So I stayed on the promenade and took the best photos I could from there. This is where I really wish I had a zoom lens already.

And then a little bit further down the coast in St Annes some pictures of the pier. Apparently this is one of the few piers you can get behind on the beach because it's so short. The end was demolished due to repeated fires so it's a little tiny pier but makes for some great shots.

I've not photoshopped these at all, these are straight off the camera not edited in anyway. I'll probably have a play about when I get chance but I'm fairly happy with them as they are, I must be learning something on that course!


Julie said...

Stunning photographs Emma its looks a beautiful day.

Claire said...

I love your pictures - these are the type of piccies I love to take myself. I am not a portrait or pretty landscape sort of person - I like something different when I take piccies.

Enjoying your blog!
Claire X

Jenny said...

Gorgeous pics emma :)