Sunday, 26 October 2008

Firework stories...

Ok well not quite maybe that should actually read fireworks and stories but I thought the idea of stories about fireworks sounded far more interesting! Right now I'm sat here eagerly anticipating the start of fireworks at our local village hall. I'm not going, it's a horrible evening but I am going to go out into the backgarden and try and shoot them. Everythings set up and ready to go so now I just need some fireworks.

I've also signed up for a free class by the fantastically talented Jessica Sprague called Stories in Hand. It's all aimed at collecting stories from our lives and others to help improve our journalling and best of all it's free. Why not sign up too and play along, after all you've got nothing to loose as it's completely free and the supplies needed really are minimal.

I've been doing some scrapping over the last few days but haven't had a chance to photograph it (a combination of being busy and the awful weather we've had recently) so hopefully I'll get a chance to upload it tomorrow and share my latest pages with you.

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