Monday, 27 October 2008

Firework... Yet another SOS on Monday!

Yes really this time! So last night I was sat here blog hopping and suddenly they start to go off. Luckily for me it was a slow start and allowed me to get set up and practise on a few before all the big ones started to go off at the end. I guess this definately qualifies for Show Off Sunday over on HSMSHS too, and yet again I'm late in posting it... Never mind. Hopefully I'll be back a little later to update with my post for todays prompt "Glossy".

Sadly it was VERY windy last night and in every single shot you can tell the fireworks are being blown to the left by the wind. However for a first attempt it's not too bad and I got a couple of useable shots and know what I'll do differently next time.

I like this one as if you look closely you can see the outline of trees and houses silhouetted with the light of the firework. I haven't altered this one at all, this is just how I took it and while not perfect I do like it. The first picture has only been cropped.

I don't like altering too much at this stage, I guess I'm still at a point where I feel I should be learning to do things differently in the camera and not simply change it afterwards in Photoshop. Don't get me wrong I think Photoshop has it's place and can be very useful and fun to use but in my opinion I need to learn the basics first and learn how to take a good photo in the camera!

Oh and as I missed it when she actually hosted it a few weeks ago I'm taking part in Ali Edwards "A Week In The Life" this week so will be spending the week with my camera glued to me!


sam said...

great firework shot i took some last year which i loved so really want to catch some this year, think the wind blowing adds to the pic with movement, well done :)

Cheyne said...


Julie said...

Stunning Fireworks shots.

Hazel said...

Great shots!

Melissa said...

Great shots. Good luck and have fun with your week in the life.

Kim said...

Oh fab firework piccies. Kimx