Monday, 27 October 2008

Firework... Yet another SOS on Monday!

Yes really this time! So last night I was sat here blog hopping and suddenly they start to go off. Luckily for me it was a slow start and allowed me to get set up and practise on a few before all the big ones started to go off at the end. I guess this definately qualifies for Show Off Sunday over on HSMSHS too, and yet again I'm late in posting it... Never mind. Hopefully I'll be back a little later to update with my post for todays prompt "Glossy".

Sadly it was VERY windy last night and in every single shot you can tell the fireworks are being blown to the left by the wind. However for a first attempt it's not too bad and I got a couple of useable shots and know what I'll do differently next time.

I like this one as if you look closely you can see the outline of trees and houses silhouetted with the light of the firework. I haven't altered this one at all, this is just how I took it and while not perfect I do like it. The first picture has only been cropped.

I don't like altering too much at this stage, I guess I'm still at a point where I feel I should be learning to do things differently in the camera and not simply change it afterwards in Photoshop. Don't get me wrong I think Photoshop has it's place and can be very useful and fun to use but in my opinion I need to learn the basics first and learn how to take a good photo in the camera!

Oh and as I missed it when she actually hosted it a few weeks ago I'm taking part in Ali Edwards "A Week In The Life" this week so will be spending the week with my camera glued to me!

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Firework stories...

Ok well not quite maybe that should actually read fireworks and stories but I thought the idea of stories about fireworks sounded far more interesting! Right now I'm sat here eagerly anticipating the start of fireworks at our local village hall. I'm not going, it's a horrible evening but I am going to go out into the backgarden and try and shoot them. Everythings set up and ready to go so now I just need some fireworks.

I've also signed up for a free class by the fantastically talented Jessica Sprague called Stories in Hand. It's all aimed at collecting stories from our lives and others to help improve our journalling and best of all it's free. Why not sign up too and play along, after all you've got nothing to loose as it's completely free and the supplies needed really are minimal.

I've been doing some scrapping over the last few days but haven't had a chance to photograph it (a combination of being busy and the awful weather we've had recently) so hopefully I'll get a chance to upload it tomorrow and share my latest pages with you.

Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Just a quick one from me today as I've neither had time to do todays HSMSHS prompt, which was moist, or to photograph the LO I did yesterday. However I just had to share this with you... Cosmo Cricket have brought out a line of fabric and oh my gosh it's sooooo yummy! Yes ok I admit I do get over excited by pretty fabrics but even so this is just gorgeous...

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Todays prompt over at HSMSHS is Reflect. So many different options and possibilities to run with on this but I'm at home today and don't have a huge number of possibilities. I thought about using a cheat photo from our trip on the canal but decided against it as I do have ways of doing it right here today.

It started off as a bog standard lets take a photo of me taking a photo in the mirror. Everyone's done and it to be honest in amongst the chores I wasn't feeling all that creative.

However, when I started shooting I noticed that the flowers I have in a vase on the fireplace were also reflected in the mirror and I thought focusing on the reflection of those but still getting me in the mirror would give the standard photo of yourself in the mirror a bit of an interesting twist.

So I guess the lesson learnt today is that even the most standard or typical of photos can be made a little bit different and more interesting if you try!

No layouts to share today I'm afraid but after my chores and errands are done I'm going to get some scrapping done this afternoon. I already have one particular design going round in my head that I just have to get down on paper.

Monday, 20 October 2008

SOS Monday

I did this LO for the latest challenge over on Dreamgirls to "Scrap It Pink". The challenge was to use the colour scheme black & pink (in honour of Breast Cancer awareness month) but with no Paterned Paper and you must use some lace. Thanks for a great challenge girls, I really enjoyed this one!

I've used Bazzill card stock and inked the edges with two different shades of pink and then hand stitched a border. The journalling card is from the Making Memories noteworthy range and little pink women are hand cut from Bazzill Bling using a Maya road chipboard embellishment for a template.

The little flower embellishment I made from a circle cut from a mesh fabric, a chipboard flower I've had in my stash for ages, a pink Prima flower, a polka dot button and some pink pearl pins.

So now onto SOS, or Show off Sunday on HSMS... Except I didn't get chance to blog these photos I took last night yesterday so I'm blogging them today. Hence... Show off Sunday on Monday!

Meet Bebe, the most adorable cat ever. He used to be the neighbourhood tom cat until someone down the street took him to be neutered. However, what they didn't bank on was how soft and soppy he'd turn after he'd been done! They didn't want him and he wandered into our garden and never went away. I'm convinced he never goes further than next doors garden as you just have to stand at the back door and shout his name and within a few minutes he always appears.

I call him a dog cat, he runs down the garden to you when you call him and always wants attention. So the opposite of most cats, far more like a dog. He's huge too, quite a bit bigger than a lot of small dogs... Although he is a bit podgey these days. It used to be all muscle but since he had the snip it's turned to fat as he doesn't do anything anymore. Despite a strict diet he's only loosing it very slowly.

Normally he only comes in the kitchen, he refuses to go into the rest of the house. It's funny as he's so settled in the kitchen and will quite happily sleep in there all night as he's litter trained but he just doesn't like the rest of the house. Anyway, last night Mark picked him up and brought him in the living room (not expecting him to stay but we're ever hopefull) and he settled down quite happily! After a bit of fuss infront of the fire he jumped up on the sofa and went to sleep! He was so cute and I just couldn't resist grabbing my camera for some fab shots.

I've got a bit of an obsession with cats' paws' they are just soooooo cute! As Bebe was a tom cat for many years his are HUGE so I just had to get some shots of them.

Ok so maybe not 1 photo for SOS but several but I love them so much, these are the first photos I've ever got of Bebe inside so I'm well chuffed with them!

And onto Monday's prompt, Set... I thought about this and wandered round the house but nothing really jumped out at me (apart from the tea and coffee canisters but they are pretty boring) so I wandered back into my craft room (where the computer is) and just had to snap this shot of my set of little RUB boxes I have on my desktop for organising my supplies and tools I like to have close at hand when crafting.

Saturday, 18 October 2008

He said his name is George and HSMSHS!

Meet George, the friendly (and oh so gorgeous) Siamese cat who lives down the road. When he first started turning up I thought he might have escaped from his home as he had no collar on but I then found out he actually lived just down the road from me. As you know we have been caring for one of the stable cats who we named George (who actually turned out to be a Georgina...) so no wonder this lovely chap turned up after I'd been stood in the garden shouting his name! When his owner told me that his name was George it all made sense why he had started tuning up!

He still comes to say hello most days if he sees me out in the garden and runs in the house at any given opportunity (which is kinda annoying as it means doors have to be kept shut most of the time but as the weather is definately getting colder it's actually not that bad) but he's so lovely I just had to do this page to remember the story!

This is also my entry for Challenge Four over at the fantastic challenge blog The CrEative TyPe, to create your own type... I hand drew and hand cut the word George from some vintage sheet music and although I don't normally really like my hand writing I'm actually quite impressed with these letters and will definately be doing it again.

I've used PP from Imagination Project, American Crafts, October Afternoon and KI Memories and some October Afternoon diecuts as well as lots of other bits and pieces from my stash

The little fabric embellishments I made frm circles of fabric that I sewed into rosettes and finished off with a button. The instructions for how to make these can be found on Heather Baileys blog.

Ok so what is this HSMSHS (Her Space, My Space, His Space) thing all about that I keep seeing on people's blogs... I finally decided to investigate and it's a photography challenge blog run by the oh so talented Anita Mundt. I'll definately be taking part in this when I can.

Anyway, thought I'd have a go at todays prompt which is SPS (Someone's Portrait Saturday) and here's my entry...

Mark sat on the front of the boat on the canal, just love this shot of him. Taken on my Canon EOS 450D f5.6, ISO 200, shutter speed 1/250 and focal length 55mm.

I was very impressed this morning as yesterday I decided I wanted a Dymo Omega label writer as I was sick of seeing everyone using the cool journalling strips on their LO's and not being able to do it myself. Anyone, I read on UKS that Lidl had in the past had them on offer for £4.99 (they are normally about £10) so I popped into my local Lidl on the off chance but not expecting anything and luckily they had just one left in in this big box of past offers!

Oh and I've also ordered some very cool woodgrain tape from Katy, check it out you can buy it for £1.55 a roll on her blog!

Also, check out Linda's Stampin Up blog (better known as Gadget Monkey on UKS!), she's a superb Stampin Up demonstrator who I use and she's giving away some gorgeous blog candy that she made herself to promote the latest items out of the new catalogue. Check it out, not only is the candy just stunning but she has some great inspirational projects on there too.

And, (as if that wasn't enough!) there's yet more blog candy to be had in the form of a £20 voucher for Joanne Sheen's shop, just check out Edna's blog for details of how to win... such a fab blog candy give away and so generous of Edna.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Buttons, Buttons and erm more Buttons

Ok so I went a little bit button crazy with this but I love the end result and it's helped me make a dent in the button mountain I have so it's all good.

Removed for publication - will be back shortly!

For anyone struggling to read the journalling which I applied directly onto the photo in Photoshop CS3 before printing it reads...

But I see your True Colours shining through. Your True Colours, True Colours are beautiful like a rainbow.

That fab font is Ali Edwards official font that is available to download free from her blog.

I was sat here and on the TV was the current advert promoting HD on sky, you know the one with Captain Jack Sparrow in slow mo to the Song "True Colours". Well I was sat there humming away to myself when I realised that would make a great subject for a page.

I've been trying to be a lot more positive about myself recently, I've never had very good self esteem but I'm trying to focus on the good points not the bad so I decided to do one about my "True Colours" as it's the person that I am is just fine, I don't need to pretend to be anyone else!

Friday, 10 October 2008

My name is Emma and I suffer from High Heel Envy...

Yes I really do and as challenge 9 over at Say It In Scrap was the word "Envy" this was the perfect subject. Oh and I finally got to scrap my photo of my red high heels!

The journalling reads... "If I see another woman wearing a pair of fabulous high heels I'm always envious, I want them! When I wear these do they envy me?"

I've also made a decision to stop hording my new stash. Quite often I really love something, but then my tastes change before I use it. This has happened quite a few times, Urban Lilly being a great example. I bought some of those oh so popular PP's and never used them, now they aren't my thing at all.

So on here I've used some of my current favourite stash... October Afternoon PP, Foam Thickers and MM mini alphas.

The little birdie is a stamp from Autumn Leaves, the little Rhonna Farrer birdie. I stamped it on the LO and used this as a template to prick my holes and then stitched the design.

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Scrapping newly taken photos...

Ok yes I have stacks of old photos waiting to be scrapped and yes I did only take this the other day but I was inspired to scrap and well there's always another day to scrap those other photos.

Was loads of fun doing this. I downloaded the font Rough Typewriter from Dafont and played about with it in Word using a repeated quote to create the background which was totally inspired by this lush layout by the Guest Designer Zina for the Third Prompt on the challenge site The CrEative TyPe.

That gorgeous green, black and white swirley paper is by American Crafts, how lush is that? Have used various other bits and pieces from my stash and all in all had great fun putting this together!

I did another LO as well but will save that as it's one of a pair and I'll upload them together, hopefully tonight or maybe tomorrow.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Oh I do like to be beside the Seaside!

Well after doing all the housework this morning and the weather was still blue skies I decided to take myself off somewhere to practise photography. I'd been meaning to go to Lytham St Annes for a while so it seemed like a perfect chance! It was very windy on the beach but I was wrapped up warm so it wasn't too bad. Had a great fun afternoon and walked miles along the front which has got to be good for me anyway!

This first photo was taken specifically for my portfolio on my City & Guilds to show Linear Perspective... Doesn't that sound posh! One of many formal elements we learnt about last week and I've been taking some photos to illustrate some of them for my portfolio. Still, it's pretty funky and incase you're wondering it's the life boat jetty in Lytham.

Next up some pretty cool old abandoned boats. I didn't dare get very close to them as I was on my own and there were big warning signs up telling you about the dangers on this part of the beach and that there was no rescue service here so on your own head be it. Well it didn't actually say that but you get my drift... So I stayed on the promenade and took the best photos I could from there. This is where I really wish I had a zoom lens already.

And then a little bit further down the coast in St Annes some pictures of the pier. Apparently this is one of the few piers you can get behind on the beach because it's so short. The end was demolished due to repeated fires so it's a little tiny pier but makes for some great shots.

I've not photoshopped these at all, these are straight off the camera not edited in anyway. I'll probably have a play about when I get chance but I'm fairly happy with them as they are, I must be learning something on that course!

Saturday, 4 October 2008

Photography Competition Shortlist

Ok first of all my apologies that it's been over a week since I updated this, but life has got in the way! What with the lack of hot water and heating when the central heating system packed up and the appearance of a "stray" siamese cat things have been a little bit hectic!

But first of all I've had my photo shortlisted for the September Photography Competition on UKScrappers. This is the photo that I've had shortlisted, the theme was 4 as it was the host's 40th birthday at the end of the month so I entered a photo of 4 cupcakes to fit the theme of both 4 and the birthday! And yes I did bake them, decorate them and photograph them myself and they were very yummy!

You can vote for them on the September Photography Challenge Thread on UKScrappers if you're a member, my username is Mrs J4y over there and of course mine is the photo of the cupcakes!

Thankfully the hot water is all sorted again now, but it took 3 engineers to get it fixed. Thankfully British Gas were pretty on the ball about sending people out to get it sorted and while one of them was here he serviced all the other gas appliances including the boiler, gas fire and cooker ready for winter. If I'm honest I'm glad it packed up now when it's only just starting to go cold rather than when it's really cold later on in the year!

We've also been having visits from another stray cat. We've kinda admitted that George the little black and white stable cat is here to stay these days. He's looking loads better (and fatter!) and his coat is starting to grow back in the bald patches since we started feeding him and I defleaed him. But then I started seeing a siamese knocking about. I didn't get near him for ages but I realised he was polishing off George's left overs. And when I finally did get near him I thought he was really skinny. Anyway, turns out he isn't skinny that's just the way they are but it made me worried about him. He didn't have a collar on so I put one on him with a message on it to call our phone number and later on that evening I got a call from his owner who lives at the other end of the street! He is also called George would you believe it! That's probably what made him start turning up in the first place when he heard me shouting his name... Anyway his owner was most apologetic about George bothering me and not at all bothered I'd put a collar on him. Well atleast I know now although he is still turning up everyday, but I'm not feeding him anymore! He has a perfectly good home. He's very affectionate though and loves to play so I think he just likes to visit too, or is that just wishful thinking on my part?