Thursday, 25 September 2008

The Greatness of Art

Just a quick post for you today with a LO I had great fun doing, it was so much fun to play about with.

I'm hoping to get chance this afternoon to get some photography practise in, I've got some ideas for some photos going round in my head and I want to try them out. Before I can have some fun me time though I need to get all the housework done first. It's a good incentive to get it done quickly though!

Monday, 22 September 2008

I am in love with Photoshop!

Yes it is official, I love photoshop. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes to your photos. I used to be of the purist school of thought, I wanted my images just as they were. But for some photos it makes what was a pretty boring photo into something really cool! Take this photo of me in a pair of jeans and heels stood by a wall...

Pretty boring huh? Until some tweaking and altering in photoshop and wow look what happens...

So much more modern and funky!

It's my photography course tonight, we're onto the third week already. I love it, I'm learning loads in just a short length of time. I'm pretty set on doing the Lvl 3 NVQ next year as well, which is equivelant to an A Level in digital photography. Same hours as the Lvl 2 as well, 3 hours per week for a full year so it won't require anything "extra" of me. I'm just going to see it as a 2 year course instead of a 1 year course if you know what I mean.

In other news I'm loving the Pussycat Dolls new song When I Grow Up, so catchy and funky. And yes I am still obsessed with Low by Flo Rida...

"She got them apple bottom jeans, boots with the fur...."

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Tidy House Tidy Mind

That's the theory right?

We've been having a real good clear out over the last two days. It started with my craft room when I decided to have a real good sort through all my stash. It's ended up with a pizza box full of scraps and a HUGE stack of paper to give away to my MIL. I never use those scraps, I don't know what I'm saving them for. I always think one day I'll use them but I don't, infact I can't remember ever sitting down, starting a project and thinking "right lets look in those scraps and find something". Pretty bad huh? But I know my MIL will appreciate them, she's just getting going and so both the scraps and papers will be much appreciated!

After my craft room though it's kinda spread to the rest of the house. I've been sorting through my clothes today. How have I got so many? I don't feel like I have a huge range of clothes that I wear yet somehow I have a huge number. There's a pile ready and waiting to go the charity shop now though. I could still do with getting rid of some more, I don't wear them but atleast it's a start.

We connected by brand new ink system as well tonight, it's a CIS (Continuous Ink System) and it's fab. I honestly cannot tell the difference between the prints we did tonight and those from original Epson ink cartridges. Yet the difference in price is amazing. This ink system works out at the equivalent of 40p per ink cartridge, just a small difference when you think that the Epson ink cartridges for mine are £7 each and it takes 6 seperate cartridges! Even if you buy them as multi packs it still costs £35 for a set of 6! I just wish I'd done it sooner now. I got mine from City Ink Express if you want to check it out, they do the system for just about every printer on the market. Great service too and really quick delivery.

Anyway, I will be back again soon and this time I promise to share some more of my recent work!

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Summer Sights

Ok I'm a bad blogger. I've not blogged for over a month. But with one thing and another I just haven't had time. And then for the last 2 weeks I've been official cat sitter for Mark's parents whilst they were on holiday so I had no internet access while I was there.

But I have been doing lots of crafting. Infact, a huge amount. I've got loads to upload and share, but I'm going to start with a minibook. It's mainly done using the Summer Sights minibook kit from Shimelle Laine. I love her kits, they are such good value for money. I ordered the mixed media one for the class I'm currently doing with her, Learn Something New and it was packed to the brim with loads of yummy stash. I've just ordered another as well, Autumn Mini Madness so I'm looking forward to playing with that when it arrives.

I decided to use Shimelle's idea for the Summer Sights minibook kit and quite litterally did a minibook all about our summer sights! It's a 5.5 x 5.5 bazzill bound minibook with pictures and journalling from 3 different days out we had this summer.

I'm also in the middle of trying to reorganise my craft room to make it work a little better so that I end up with less mess each time I craft... It does seem to be working better this time though, so hopefully it might stay tidier a little longer this time.
I'll be back tomorrow with more of my recent creations!