Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Snowboards, flowers, kits and cameras!

Well once again life got in the way and it's been quite a while since I updated this. But never mind, I've got lots to tell you!

Mark went ona 6 hour snowboarding lesson last week, he absoloutely loved it but then proceded to ache like mad for the rest of the week. He certainly made for it! He did it at the new indoor real snow slope at Manchester and we're going back tonight. There's a lovely bar/restaurant with a balcony that overlooks the main slope so I'm going to go and sit on there with a few magazines {latest issues of SI and DSLR User} but it means I should hopefully get some good pictures too!

It was our five year anniversary yesterday and we had a lovely time. Went for a lovely meal in the evening and Mark bought me some beautiful flowers {see the pictures!} and surprise surprise I bought him some snowboarding bits and bobs. They are absoloutely gorgeous flowers! And in my favourite colours of the moment, hot pink and lime green. He's so clever LOL! Still can't quite believe it's been five years. Where on earth has the time gone?!?!

We went to the Lakes on Sunday too. Couldn't go yesterday as Mark had to work but had such a lovely day. It was scorching hot! First of all we stopped off at at Bowness and had a wander round and I bought this fab print. Have seen them before and loved them and now I've finally got one.

We bought it from a shop called Red Gecko and they do lots of different ones so at some point I'd like to get a few more as I love them!

Bowness was mad busy so we drove through Ambleside {again mad busy so we carried on going} and stopped off at Grasmere. Had a wander round and bought some butties and had an ice cream before carrying on to Grizedale. We stopped at Moor Top and had our butties before going for a wander. It was so lovely and quiet and there was hardly anyone about, definately how I prefer the lakes. Managed to get a few good photos too. {For some reason it doesn't want to let me upload these so I'll try again tomorrow!}

I've ordered my first Scrap A Go Go kit today as well. I've had my eye on the August Create kit for a while now as it looks so yummy and it's just gone onto single purchase so I'm giving it a go. I've been thinking about a kit for a while now as I need to stick to a budget and I think by getting a kit I'll still get my fix of having new stash every month and as it's all co ordinated I'm less likely to buy other things. Of all the ones I've looked at Scrap A Go Go is the one I prefer so think I'll be subscribing very soon!

Finally, and I've saved the biggest news til last, I'm going to be going on a photography course. As sad as it is I've well and truely outgrown my current camera. It's done me proud and I've got some photos I'm really proud of out of it, infact I'll be very sad to no longer be using it on a regular basis. As far as a £60 compact digital camera goes it really couldn't have been better, I'd definately recommend it. But I need something more now so I'm getting a Canon EOS 450D. To help me make the most of this, and to allow me to really get my teeth into this hobby I'm signing up to do a City & Guilds DSLR Photography course as nightschool classes that will last a year starting in September. I'm so excited!!!


CloClo said...

Thats great news Emma! What a fantastic camera to get and a great idea to actually learn how to use it to its potential :)

voodoo vixen said...

Congrats on your anniversary and they are lovely photos of your beautiful bouquet. I love your print too - very elegant!!

Jenny said...

Ooo emma big post!! Wish i was coming with you tonight! lol, hope you have a fab time and your flowers are lovely.