Wednesday, 30 July 2008

The lakes and some very exciting news...

Ok so here goes again with those photos of the lakes that I was trying to upload yesterday and it wouldn't let me. Fingers crossed for better luck today!

Hurray it's worked today!!!
And also, great news I'm actually getting my camera today. Off to enroll on the course this morning then meeting Mark so we can go and buy my camera. Decided to do it sooner rather than later as there is currently a £50 cashback offer on with Canon so might as well take advantage of it!
Mark also had a great time snowboarding last night, he did really well considering it was his first time out on the big slope after his lessons. He wants all his own gear though now, I guess it's only fair if I'm getting a camera. Sadly though the photos I took were pants. My point and shoot just wasn't up to taking good quality pictures at this distance sadly. Never mind, I'm sure my new one will be!!!


dddeeebbbzzz said...

Beautiful photos. Have fun with your new camera!

Julie said...

Have fun with your new camera. Great photos Emma, Nature at it very best.